Finding the Balance Along the Way

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2016 Photojournalism graduate, Kaelyn Korte, has been balancing her soccer career and passion for photography ever since leaving campus. Originally a CMU transfer student and a star on Central’s soccer team, Kaelyn was quickly drafted to play soccer professionally for a women’s football club in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. 

After completing the 2017/18 season, she decided to embark on a solo journey across South Asia and Hawaii. Kaelyn documented her experience on this journey through social media and her blog Her posts share the stories of her physical and existential voyage, capturing places she went and the lives of people she met along the way.

Many of the stories Kaelyn captures are told from the countryside and city sideroads---not from the tourist traps. Kaelyn said it was here she found “the soul of a country… in these little villages.” She recalled the lessons from Kent Miller in the Department of Journalism, reminding her to ask questions and help people feel comfortable enough in front of the camera to photographically capture their stories.

Kaelyn is now playing professionally for Finland’s Kuopion Palloseura (KuPS) Football Club in Kuopio. She looks forward to where her season and her travels take her as she continues to grow as a person and as a storyteller through photojournalism.