​The College of the Arts and Media uses Microsoft Sharepoint to manage materials submitted for its reappointment, promotion, tenure, and sabbatical/leave evaluation processes. This same system is also used for the management of materials submitted for fixed term faculty review.

Each faculty member is given a site within the College's Sharepoint environment in which they can store and manage documents and other content. These sites are available at all times to faculty, and faculty are encouraged to use them to gather materials independent of a particular year's review cycle.

Access to an individual faculty member's site is restricted to themselves and the College's OIT staff.

If a faculty member submits materials for consideration in a particular semester, once the deadline passes for that semester a copy of their site is made and placed in a departmental review folder. Faculty can continue to work on their sites while the review process is underway, but the version of their site that will be reviewed dates from the deadline for submission of materials. Any changes made after the deadline for a particular semester will not be reflected in the materials reviewed at the departmental (or higher) level.

Faculty can obtain links to their Sharepoint sites by emailing Michael Reuter, the College's Director of Technology Operations.

Links to departmental and other review sites for faculty materials can be found on the right side of this page. Access to these sites is restricted to individuals involved in the review processes. For access requests, please email Michael Reuter.