​The College of the Arts and Media uses Microsoft Sharepoint to manage materials submitted for its reappointment, promotion, tenure, and sabbatical/leave evaluation processes. This same system is also used for the management of materials submitted for fixed term faculty review.

Faculty can maintain materials they would like to submit for review on any cloud-based file storage service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc), with the recommended being OneDrive. Faculty have access to 1TB of storage on OneDrive at no cost as part of the University's contract with Microsoft, the software is installed on most University computers, and the CMU Helpdesk and IT staff are able to readily support it.

To submit materials for review for a given semester, faculty share their RPT folder with Michael Reuter (reute1ma@cmich.edu), who will download the content and make it available in the appropriate departmental review folder.

Links to departmental and other review sites for faculty materials can be found on the right side of this page. Access to these sites is restricted to individuals involved in the review processes. For access requests, please email Michael Reuter.