​Do I have to get a Ph.D. or can I apply what I learn to my profession? 

The mission of the Master of Arts in Communication is to provide a quality education that will assist students in developing an advanced understanding of communication theory, research, and practice and to prepare them for further graduate study and/or professional work.  Toward this end, COM Area graduate faculty will pursue two inter-related educational objectives:  (1) to develop graduate students' understanding of and independent thinking about the knowledge base, scholarly activities, and critical practices of the communication discipline; and (2) to enable graduate students to apply and disseminate their knowledge of communication theory and research in ways that reflect the values of diverse perspectives and emphasize the ethical implications of communication.

Are there graduate assistantships available?

Yes. There are a variety of assistantships available to students in our M.A. program. Click on the Financial Aid link in order to find out further details about options, as well as application deadlines. If you have specific questions, please email Kristin Weber, Director of Graduate Studies at weber2km@cmich.edu. 

Do I have to be a student in the Communication department in order to receive an assistantship?

Yes. You must be a student enrolled in the Master of Arts in Communication in order to qualify for an assistantship in our department.