Department Assistantships
The department offers competitive assistantships to graduate teaching and debate/forensics assistants. Full-time graduate assistantships include a stipend and a tuition waiver of 20 credit hours per year.  Moreover, because all tuition-related fees are rolled into tuition at CMU, your stipend dollars go further.  (At other schools, those fees can add up to a thousand dollars or more!)  Assistants in good standing may receive up to two years of support and a total of 33 hours of tuition waiver.

Teaching assistants teach two introductory communication classes per semester. Debate/forensics​ assistants teach one introductory communication class, work with the debate team or individual events participants, and travel with the team to area and national tournaments.

An assistantship application, undergraduate transcripts, and two letters of recommendation are due by March 15 to be considered for an assistantship (for the next academic year). International students must also submit official TOEFL scores by the March 15 deadline to be eligible for consideration. To be eligible for consideration for a graduate assistantship, an applicant must meet all admission requirements for the Master's degree program. Assistantship applications are available here, and should be submitted in hard form to 333 Moore Hall.

University Scholarships, Fellowships and Financial Assistance

In addition to the popular assistantships, there are several other programs available to assist graduate students in funding their education at CMU, including: scholarships, fellowships, out-of-state tuition merit awards, and federal financial aid programs.  For more information, you can call the College of Graduate Studies at 989-774-GRAD, visit their office located at 100 Foust Hall, or follow the links below for complete details.