The Department of Communication values internship opportunities. To receive academic credit for an internship, you must meet the following criteria:  

  • Junior or Senior standing at CMU
  • COM major or minor
  • minimum 2.7 overall grade point average at CMU
  • COM 251 and COM 301 with a "C" or better

Once you meet these criteria and would like to enroll in COM 464, you must:

  • make an appointment with Alysa Lucas, the Internship
  • bring CMU transcripts (may be an unofficial copy of student transcripts)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Students typically have questions that focus on the following four areas:

  • Location: Students are encouraged to participate in internships with local
    Mt. Pleasant businesses, on CMU's campus, organizations throughout
    Michigan, and out of state.

  • Duration: Internships are available year round. The internships generally
    last for 15 weeks, depending on the type of organization and the
    availability of the student. Other arrangements can be made to vary
    the number​ of weeks.

  • Academic Credit: The number of credits varies according to the type of
    internship, the student, and the needs of the organization in which
    the internship is being completed.

  • Wages: Financial compensation depends solely on the supervising
    organization. The amount is strictly a matter between the intern and the

Grading of the Internship Experience

Students receive a grade when enrolling in the internship class. The intern will create a portfolio. The portfolio includes journal entries, a description of the internship position and an evaluation form to be filled out by the intern's job supervisor. Twenty-five percent of the grade is based on the supervisor's assessments. The other 75% is based on the student's portfolio. It should be understood that participation in an internship alone does not warrant a letter grade of an "A".