In order to assess the progress of students enrolled in the internship class, each student is asked to keep an internship portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of artifacts that document the work you have done focusing on the skills and knowledge acquired during your internship experience. As you construct your portfolio, you will gain insight into areas of personal strengths and weaknesses, skills you have acquired, and communication concepts that you have utilized.

What to include in your portfolio:

  1. Description of your Internship Position (click for form): Include the types of projects you will be completing, the hours you will be working, the people you will be reporting to, etc.
  2. Description of Goals and Expectations: Two-three pages describing specific goals and expectations for the internship. Do not offer broad, general goals. Your goals can focus on job-related goals as well as personal growth goals. Indicate how your internship will help you accomplish your goals. What steps will you take to reach the goals you have set?
  3. Weekly journals: Each week you are required to write a 2-page journal. In the journal, describe briefly the activities you engaged in during the week. Then select a communication concept and discuss the role the communication concept played during the internship that week. Be specific when discussing the communication concept. Please see the example of journal one and example journal two.
  4. Selection of work samples or other artifacts: Choose artifacts that will reflect what you did as well as what you learned during your internship. Interns can choose to include brochures, reports, company evaluations, agendas from meetings you have attended, materials that describe the training you have participated in etc. For the artifacts included in your portfolio, you should 1) describe the artifact; 2) tell why it is being included in the portfolio; and 3) indicate what you learned in creating the artifact or in the process of participating in the artifact process.
  5. Time sheets: Please keep track of your hours that you work each week. Have your supervisor sign the sheet verifying your hours.
  6. Supervisor Evaluation (click for form): I will send a form to your supervisor once during your internship.
  7. Final reflection paper: 
    1. Indicate the organization's expectations of its employee's communication behaviors. You may want to indicate the direction of the communication behaviors. You may want to indicate the direction of the communication, the types of channels utilized, as well as the content of the communication that the organization identifies as appropriate.
    2. Discuss your ability to communicate effectively within the organization, and 3) indicate what you learned about communication as a result of your internship experience.‚Äč