Dancing is a strenuous profession that requires self-discipline and long hours of practice. Although a growing appreciation for dance, theatre, music and other performing arts has generated exciting opportunities for dedicated and talented professionals, dancers still face keen competition for a limited number of jobs.

Many CMU dance students keep their professional dance dreams alive while pursuing courses of study that also may lead to careers in related fields such as teaching, health, therapy, or journalism.

The contemporary educational emphasis of CMU's dance program provides excellent preparation for students who plan to become elementary or secondary teachers. For them, dance becomes a valued primary, extracurricular, or community education teaching skill. Others apply their dance skills in special education programs for physically or emotionally impaired students.

Undergraduate studies in dance, combined with other major areas of study, may lead to a variety of career or independent job opportunities:

  • Public or Private School Teacher
  • Professional Dance Performer
  • Dance Company Stage Manager
  • Rehearsal Assistant
  • Dance Company Publicist
  • Dance Therapist
  • Dance Studio Owner
  • Theatrical or Television Producer
  • Dance or Performing Arts Critic
  • Health Fitness Instructor
  • Professional Choreographer