Auditions for the CMU University Theatre Dance Company take place in early to mid-January each year.  Follow this link for Dance and University Theatre audition information.  Sign-up sheets are posted at Rose 127.   Students interested in taking part may contact Heather Trommer-Beardslee, the Director of the UT Dance Company, by email at or in person in the Rose 127 Dance Studio.  

Criteria For Selection of New Company Members

  1. Evidence of technical proficiency of certain designated skills common to all styles of dance movement.
  2. Each dancer auditioning should have an intermediate skill level in at least one style of dance training. i.e. Tap, Jazz, Ballet and/or Pointe, Modern, Ethnic, etc.​ This pertains primarily to female dancers. Males need not have had previous experience but should show some athletic abilities.
  3. Potential for further development for learning and acquisition of new and/or additional skills.
  4. Each dancer auditioning should be capable of learning and be willing to work in other styles or techniques other than the ones they are basically trained for.
  5. Evidence of style, stage presence, and fundamental attributes necessary for performance.
  6. Each dancer auditioning should have the ability to project.

Tips on How to Audition

Auditions are necessary. No matter how well you have performed in your past dance classes, no matter how well you are known for your work onstage in past performances, no matter what your level of accomplishments have been now or in the past, an audition is that time when an artistic director makes decisions. To find suitable performers, to create a cast or fill a role, or replace lost individuals. He/she is looking for dancers that will be in harmony with the rest of the company. It's the moment when image becomes the reality.

One of the most important parts of the audition is your attitude. What does it project? Do you assume auditions are only a formality? That the choices are predetermined? That you must have a certain "look," be good at playing politics or have "connections" to get in? If so, you are setting a negative pattern for yourself that is hard to hide. While all those accusations may be true sometime in your past experiences, it is not necessarily going to be true this time. The important questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Do I really want to audition for this company?
  2. Why do I want to belong to University Theatre Dance Company?
  3. Am I prepared to audition?
Are you auditioning just because you are expected to by your family, friends, or classmates? Are you auditioning on the possibility of getting in only on a lucky break? The best way to regard your audition is to consider it a chance to show yourself in a new light, to demonstrate that you can learn new movements quickly, to reveal your strengths, personality and adaptability to a group or role

Remember, a dance company needs individuals that are unique and versatile. You may feel that you fit all the requirements, but the director may not feel that you fit the image or the needs of the company. What the director is looking for can sometimes change if a dancer with potential is found. So, it is important that you show yourself off in the best possible way.

For more information or questions, please email the University Theatre Dance Company director.

Good luck!​​