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​CMU’s theatre facilities are located in Moore Hall, which also houses computer labs, a television studio, and fully mediated classrooms. Theatre and performance facilities include:

Bush Theatre

This 500-seat proscenium arch theatre serves as the host of the majority of the University Theatre mainstage season productions.  Click here​ for a seating chart for the theatre when used for non-theatrical events.

The Townsend Kiva

This flexible arena-style theatre has been home to all manner of events and productions, including: new play readings with playwrights, auditions, workshops, Riecker Literary Series productions and all manner of theatrical productions. 

Theatre-on-the-Side (T.O.T.S.)​​

​An black-box theatre with recently updated digital lighting, T.O.T.S. hosts at least one mainstage production each year, along with the majority of our Studio Theatre productions. It can be adapted to a variety of productions styles and can seat up to 200 people.​

The Platform Theatre

An intimate space, the Platform Theatre is often used for Trap Door Improv​ performances and​ other smaller-scale productions.

Dance Studios

Two studios serve the dance program. The fully equipped Grace L. Ryan Studio is used for large classes and small performances. A newly remodeled dance studio in Moore Hall also is used for dance rehearsals and smaller classes.  Dancers also perform in Plachta Auditorium annually and across the campus and community.

Supporting Facilities and Features

  • Costume Shop
  • Scene Shop
  • Dressing and make-up rooms with shower facilities
  • Extensive storage facilities for costumes and props
  • Properties and Costume Tracking - An exceptional computerized database provides searchable access to our entire costume and properties collection, allowing quick access to items by time-period, color, size, style and more.