Since 2006, CMU University Theatre has performed Theatre for Young Audiences productions specifically for students and teachers.  The productions have included a play that was created and written especially for our season, classics that have touched the lives of theatre fans for generations,  and a play rewritten after the original script was lost in the chaos of World War 2.   We've performed for students from nearly every grade level, school type, and socionomic background, demonstrating our commitment to the future of theatre and the arts.  

Below is a listing of our TFYA productions.  Click the thumbnail for a larger version of the picture.   ​



February 2017

Written by William Shakespeare; Directed by Steve Berglund


Mother Hicks

(See video below ASL shadow signing of this production)

February 2016

Written by Susan Zeder; Directed by Nancy Eddy ​

The Hundred Dresses -small.jpg              
The Hundred Dresses
February 2015

Written by Mary Surface Hall, based on the book by Eleanor Este; Directed by Nancy Eddy 

The Cherry Orchard - small.jpg​​

​The Cherry Orchard

April 2014

Written by Anton Chekhov; Directed by Timothy D. Connors​

​​The Fireflies
April 2013

​​Adapted by Lauren McConnell; Directed by Nancy Eddy

A Midsummer Night's Dream
April 2012
Written by William Shakespeare; Directed by Steven Berglund 

The Wrestling Season
October 2011

Written by Laurie Brooks; Directed by Nancy Eddy

Stone Girls Dreaming
April 2011

Written by Lisa Railsback; Directed by Nancy Eddy

The Chicago Gypsies
February 2010

Written by V. Glasgow Koste; Directed by Nancy Eddy

Permanent Collection
October 2009

Written by Thomas Gibbons; Directed by Steve Berglund 

Crystal Beach
April 2009

Written by Max Bush; Directed by Nancy Eddy

February 2007

Adapted by Jo Roets; Directed by Nancy Eddy

Charolette's Web
January 2006

Written by Joseph Robinette; Directed by Nancy Eddy

Between Land and Sea - A Selkie Myth
April 2006

Written by Laurie Brooks; Directed by Nancy Eddy




Mother Hicks Theatre-For-Young-Audiences production featuring unique Shadow Sign language