Data Analytics Conference

Data Analytics Conference, March 29th, 2019, Grawn Hall Atrium

“Big Data” is often referred to as an entity’s information asset. Big data coupled with business analytics in today’s business environment impacts all areas in business decision making and related business strategies. Business analytics can boost an entity’s marketing analysis of customer buying behavior, advance supply chain efficiencies, enhance the planning and analysis for financial decisions, improve risk management, as well as have a major impact in accounting and transform the audit process. 

The all-day conference will consist of presentations by business professionals with expertise in data analytics with the focus on explaining big data/data analytics and the impact this issue is having in all areas of business decision making and related business strategies. Speakers include individuals from Notre Dame, Gongos, Inc., The Dow Chemical Company, and Meijer.

Student Registration

There is a $10 no-show fee for students who cancel after March 15, 2019 or do not attend the conference on Friday, March 29, 2019. Cancellations can be made by emailing

This fee does not apply to the showing of Moneyball on March 28, 2019.


​Thursday, March 28
​7:00 PM
​Screening of the movie Moneyball
The Grawn Atrium
(popcorn provided) 

​Friday, March 29

9:00 AM
​Registration and Breakfast

​9:15 AM

​9:25 AM
​Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Barry Keating
University of Notre Dame

​10:15 AM
Dr. Jackie Cutsinger & Mr. Ben Worsley
Gongos, Inc.

​11:00 AM

​11:30 AM
Mr. Kevin Deemter

​12:15 PM
​Lunch & Networking

​1:30 PM
Dr. Erika McBride
The Dow Chemical Company

​2:15 PM
​Wrap-Up and Closing

​3:00 PM
​Door Prizes

​3:15 PM
​Conference Ends


DAC_speakers_Jackie Cutsinger.png Dr. Jackie Cutsinger
Senior Data Scientist
Gongos, Inc.

Jackie provides strategic consulting and executes on a wide array of statistical techniques and data science methodologies. She is passionate about helping organizations find data-driven solutions to their most pressing business challenges, bringing to bear her rich and diverse quantitative research experience across public and private sectors. She enjoys building partnerships with internal and external clients and leveraging those relationships to deliver thoughtful and actionable insights. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Toledo, and an M.A. in Applied Sociology and Ph.D. in Sociology from Wayne State University.

DAC_speakers_Kevin Deemter.png Mr. Kevin Deemter
Digital Analyst

Kevin Deemter is a Digital Analyst III at Meijer, Inc. He earned his B.S. in Biology from Calvin College and his M.S. from Grand Valley State University in Biostatistics. He had originally planned on a career in medicine but instead decided to follow his true passion for numbers. He now focuses on pushing Meijer to the forefront of digital analytics in a retail grocery-shopping environment. Over the last six years, he has worked in Meijer’s customer analytics department. He has pioneered efforts in personalization and campaign measurement, developing new methodologies to measure performance of mass campaigns in the absence of control groups.

His work on advancing personalization capabilities has paved the way to make Meijer a leader in digital engagement and technology among grocery retailers. His first efforts were to oversee the coordination of a model factory which modeled and scored likelihood to purchase for every campaign featured on mPerks. More recently, he developed an interconnected personalization engine which provides relevant content on the Meijer mobile app and It is powered by an ensemble of models, including collaborative filtering, customer replenishment modeling, and nearest neighbor clustering.

DAC_Speakers_Barry Keating.png Dr. Barry Keating
Professor of Finance
University of Notre Dame

Professor Keating is a Professor of Business Economics in the Department of Finance at the University of Notre Dame. He earned a B.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, an M.A. from Lehigh University and a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame.

He has done extensive work in the areas of business forecasting and economic regulation. His forecasting and predictive analytics textbook (in its seventh edition with McGraw-Hill) is the best-selling forecasting book for use in colleges and universities. He consults with both forecasting and data mining software producers as well as firms which have forecasting problems (e.g., Cadbury, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Toyota, Wells Fargo). He is involved with the forecasting of blood supplies for the United States.

Professor Keating is a Heritage Foundation Fellow, a Heartland Institute Research Fellow, and former Chair of the Department of Finance at Notre Dame. He serves on the Board of Advisors of the Institute of Business Forecasting.

Professor Keating has published more than 100 articles in professional journals and trade publications. He is the winner of a Kaneb Teaching Award from Notre Dame, the MBA Professor of the Year Award, and is a fellow of the Kaneb Center.

DAC_speakers_Erika McBride.png Dr. Erika McBride
Director of Diamond Systems Analytics
The Dow Chemical Company

Erika McBride, CPA, Ed.D., is the Director of Diamond Systems Analytics at the Dow Chemical Company. At Dow since 2014, Erika leads organizational efforts to accelerate the mission of translating data into profit by bringing together data, context and advice to enable decision makers. She champions the power and leverage of advanced analytic algorithms, Diamond Systems Reporting capabilities, and data-as-a-service methods, with a focus on Future Dow critical priorities. Under Erika’s leadership, the capacities that provide insight enable faster and better decisions by embedding analytics into the core business processes and strategic digital transformation practices.

Prior to Dow, Erika spent 17 years at Paychex, Inc., a leading national provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions for small to medium sized business. As manager of the Paychex Analytics team, Erika oversaw a team of predictive modeling experts, producing methods to drive millions of dollars to the bottom line. She also led efforts to develop the Paychex | IHS Markit Small Business Employment Watch, which provides timely and accurate insight into national and regional small business employment trends for national consumption.

Erika is an adjunct professor in business at St. John Fisher College, a five-time presenter and panelist at Treasury and Risk’s Alexander Hamilton best practices summit, a previous presenter at the RIMS Conference and Exhibition, Big Data Innovation Summits, AiChE Symposia, SAS Symposia, and Predictive Analytics World Conferences in New York, Toronto, Dusseldorf, and Berlin.

Erika holds an Ed.D. in Executive Leadership from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a B.S. in Accounting from SUNY Geneseo.

DAC_speakers_Ben Worsley.png Mr. Ben Worsley
Senior Statistical Analyst
Gongos, Inc.

Primarily coding in Python and R, Ben spends his time developing databases both large and small, engineering data sets, and mining data from cross-industry sources. Despite the broad skillsets of the “awesome nerds” who play across the data science and analytics disciplines, Ben finds the programming side of the coin most fascinating. He’s built tools to deploy predictive models, as well as a variety of web-based solutions for internal teams and clients alike. Ben has a B.S. degree in Statistics from Central Michigan University.

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