CMU CBA Foundation


With an eye on the future, the College of Business Administration has established the CMU CBA Foundation to further engage you as alumni and business and community leaders.  It serves as an avenue for experiential learning, vision, and growth for the college and its students.  Please join us as we continue to prepare our students for professional success by providing an innovative, high quality, business-connected education that inspires students to excel in diverse global environments.

A few ways the foundation will assist the CBA include:

  • Opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields
  • Aid for the growth of faculty and departments by sponsoring faculty research
  • Expanding the knowledge and experiences of students, faculty and staff with opportunities to attend seminars, competitions, and other events
  • Fostering inviting learning environment for current and future business students with investments to update facilities and equipment within historic Grawn Hall, and Sloan and Smith Halls which also house business faculty and academic programs
  • Offering opportunities to raise and distribute funds, furthering the objectives and mission of the college and the university

The foundation further builds on the CBA fundraising efforts to increase the funds available for investment, college, and capital needs, now and into the future.

Please join with us, fellow alumni and friends of the College of Business, to positively impact current and future students.  Your generous investment ensures that CBA students will continue to receive the quality education that best prepares them for meaningful careers within the business community.

Will you consider being part of the growing list of alumni and friends who have committed to the future of the College, its students and our shared business community?

An investment in the foundation may take many forms.  For more information, please contact Sandy Sommer at or (989) 774-1732.​