​TERP10 SAP Certification​​​:

CMU's SAP University Alliance Program has offered an SAP Certification to its undergraduate and graduate students since 2000. The SAP Certification is titled TERP10, Integrated Business Processes in ERP. CMU's students have been represented by all disciplines in the College of Business Administration: Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Information Systems, Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Logistics, Purchasing, Marketing, and Purchasing/Supply/Management.​​

SAP Certification - TERP 10: Integrated Business Processes in ERP.

The SAP certification enables students to see how a modern enterprise system functions. There are components that cover sales and distribution, finance, and HR, but perhaps half the material is about manufacturing. This isn't because manufacturing is less or more important than any other industry but because it is an excellent example to illustrate the need for specialization and granularity to business roles in a large company but that these roles or functions need to be able to communicate and integrate in such a way that one process blends into another seamlessly and with information being made available from one process to another in a logically consistent manner. The key word is integration which is why the course is entitled Business Process Integration.​


The SAP Academy is a means for students to acquire SAP Certification while at CMU, and there are many other benefits to the student beyond the actual Certification itself.

As to what benefits it brings to the student, these are numerous and some are not at first obvious. The initial benefits are that it gives a good overview of how to navigate through the SAP system, how to enter and extract data and reports, how to push a process forward in an IS environment and how different functions use the same system in different contexts in ways that are similar but tailored towards specific requirements. However there are also less obvious benefits. The first of these is that many students of business or IS will have taken multiple courses and had studied other roles as electives such as HR within an accounting course or marketing within operations. TERP10 shows that each of these functions is integrated into a cohesive whole via the use of a modern EIS so that marketing can directly gain access to relevant information created by operations, or that finance can see when an invoice has been raised by procurement. In short business functions though separate and distinct are also integrated. The second is that it places a new validity on material taught in class - a kind of 'told you so' that reinforces that process types and forms are indeed used in business and here is supporting evidence in IS form. This should raise the enthusiasm for non-SAP learning in return.

Employer Benefits

For the employer the TERP10 qualification shows three things. First the student has understood SAP to a degree that they have passed an exam while at CMU. This in itself is worth its weight in gold as it already shows to implementers that they have a potential consultant and to customers that this person could rapidly pick up how they use their own MIS internally. Second it shows a mature and focused attitude towards learning and career development - this person has invested their own time and money in learning SAP. Third it show this person is already 'ahead of the game' as they will already have had exposure to the SAP system, have had that exposure integrated into class learning so they understand the real world applicability of MIS; and have already had a period most likely of weeks or months of study which otherwise the partner/customer would have to pay for themselves!.Special corporate spotlight luncheons are scheduled during the TERP10 academies which are from 8-5 daily for two weeks.  These special corporate spotlight luncheons are sponsored by companies who wish to meet with CMU’s talented undergraduate and graduate SAP students.  The corporate spotlight luncheons are held in CMU’s Power’s Ballroom where an excellent buffet is served to the students and the entire noon hour is dedicated to spotlighting the corporation to the students.   This is a great opportunity for industry leaders to meet with CMU’s very well educated SAP students.

University Benefits

To the university the benefits are too numerous to include all here. Perhaps the main benefits are firstly that it gives students a SAP Certification before the point at their career when they should have been able to obtain one which means that those students immediately become more highly prized and employable. It signals to industry that this is a university that takes employability and 'real world skills' seriously and is prepared to work with industry to secure a better future for its graduates. It enables students to see the tangible implementation of knowledge that they would have received through their core university courses and electives. It enables faculty to draw on a case study of real use of an MIS for business purposes. It shows to government and regulators that the university is entrepreneurial and innovative in seeking out skills and knowledge development innovations and is not afraid to try new techniques and technology.

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The SAP Certification Academy will prepare students to:

  • Enhance the understanding of integration and system navigation in the SAP R/3 system.
  • Explain how the fundamental business processes interact with mySAP ERP in the areas of Sales Order Management, Material and Production Planning, Procurement, Inventory Management, Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Human Capital Management, Financial Accounting, and Management Accounting.
  • Perform the integrated logistics and financial processes in R/3 Enterprise, and the use of analytical components such as Business Warehouse and Strategic Enterprise Management.
  • Perform the core business R/3 transactions in the functional areas of Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Procurement, Human Resources, Financials, and Controlling.

Overview of Courses

  • ERP Basics
  • Lifecycle Data Management
  • ERP SAP NetWeaver
  • Program and Project Management
  • Business Warehouse
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Material Planning
  • Financial Accounting
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Management Accounting
  • Procurement Cycle
  • Strategic Enterprise Management
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
Since 2000, SAP has annually chosen CMU to host the Process Integration Certification TERP10 Academy. The special two-week academy is offered by SAP and delivered at the College of Business Administration, Central Michigan University. SAP Certified faculty teach the SAP Certification training and administer the SAP Certification Exam. For more information about the TERP10please visit:https://training.sap.com/us/en/course/terp10-integration-of-business-processes-in-sap-erp-classroom-095-us-en/​​