IMI Logo The way in which an organization manages its information can determine whether the organization ultimately succeeds or fails. As such, information management should be an area of significant concern for organizations, both large and small. The Information Management Institute (IMI) was founded in recognition of the central role that information management plays in organizational success.​

The mission of the IMI is to advance the state of research and practice in the management of information in order to better solve organizational problems. We help organizations address their information management needs by providing real-world solutions to organizational problems through training, consultation, and applied research. For example, we can facilitate training and consultation related to information management issues, such as business integration using ERP, social media and its organizational applications, and digital entrepreneurship. In terms of research, the IMI draws upon the broad expertise of CMU faculty to help organizations address issues related to information management, including such things as information accessibility, use, and quality. This research will not only help organizations within the IMI but will be published to inform the basis of new industry-wide benchmarks.