The Real Estate Major: Frequently Asked Questions

Question # 1

I'm not sure about real estate. Is there an introductory course I could take to see what real estate is about?

Answer: The introductory "principles" course is FIN 335. The only prerequisite course for FIN 335 is EC

Question # 2

Do I have to be an enrolled student in the CBA to take FIN 335?

Answer: No. You do not have to be an enrolled CBA student to take FIN 335.

Also, you don't have to be an enrolled student in CBA to take BLR 330 (Real Estate Law).

However, to take FIN 336 (Real Estate Finance & Investments) or FIN 337 (Real Estate Appraisal/Valuation), you do need to be enrolled in The CBA as a major or minor.

Question # 3

Do I have to be enrolled in the CBA to do the Real Estate: Development & Finance major?


Question # 4

What are the required courses in the third and fourth years for CBA-enrolled students to do a Real Estate: Development & Finance major?

The courses are FIN 335 (RE Principles), FIN 336 (RE Finance & Investments, Fall only), BLR 330 (RE Law, Fall only), ECO 375 (Economics of cities & regions, Fall only, FIN 337 (RE

Valuation/appraisal, Spring only, FIN 438 (RE Development, Spring only) and FIN 490 (RE Internship).

In addition, in the first two years, students must satisfy the requirements for entrance into the CBA. Of course, this is true of any major in the CBA.

Question # 5

I'm a junior and thinking about a real estate minor but I'm not sure about my interest level in real estate. What would you recommend?

I would recommend taking FIN 335 this semester year and see how you like it.

Subsequently, if you were interested, you could then take FIN 336 (RE Finance & Investments, Fall only) in Fall of your senior year.

To complete the minor, you would need two of BLR 330 (RE Law, Fall only), ECO 375 (Economics of cities & regions, Fall only), FIN 337 (RE Valuation/appraisal, Fall only) or one of those with an approved elective by the program director.

You could either take FIN 337 (RE Valuation/appraisal, Spring only) in the Spring of your junior year or Senior year. Or you could take BLR 330 (RE Law, Fall only) and/or ECO 375 (Economics of cities & regions, Fall only) to earn a real estate minor.

If you start in your junior year there a number ways to complete the minor on time.

Question # 6

I am a CBA Senior and thinking about the real estate minor?

If you already took Fin 335 during your junior year, refer above and you can easily complete the minor! If you have not yet taken Fin 335, it may not be possible if you intend to graduate in spring.

The two required courses are FIN 335 (RE Principles) and FIN 336 (RE Finance & Investments, Fall only). Since Fin 335 is a prerequisite for Fin 336 it might not be possible. However, taking a couple real estate classes may still qualify as electives for many majors/minors. That knowledge is some you will have the rest of your life.

Feel free to contact the program director for specific questions.

Question # 7

Are there any job market advantages to the real estate major or minor?

Answer: Indeed there are many. Real estate could be considered the largest industry in the country. Banks, Brokerages, Financial Institutions, Major Accounting Firms, Legal Firms, Real Estate Development Firms and a host of other industries all have specialties in commercial or residential real estate. Understanding this industry provides a significant advantage for any of those firms.