The Real Estate Development Program undergraduate major offered within The College of Business Administration (CBA) is the only program of its kind in the state of Michigan. Housed within the CBA, this program couples fundamental BSBA business education with specific skills to succeed in the dynamic and broad Real Estate Industry.   The Real Estate Development program also provides opportunity for students to earn a minor in real estate development.

The program of study teaches students about the usage of real estate in industrial, logistic, multi-family, office, retail and specialty uses (e.g. hospitality, medical-office, self-storage. 

Students learn about real estate as the largest asset class relative to stocks and bonds.  How do the trillions of dollars of capital invested in real estate debt and equity asses risk and return?  How does real estate fit in an efficient portfolio?  What alternative capital market investment vehicles exist and how do they work?

Students learn the fundamentals of real estate development.  What highest and best use exists for greenfield (undeveloped) or brownfield (redevelopment) opportunites?   What are real estate cycles?  How do the capital markets fund develoment?

A compelling feature of our RE program is bringing together students and RE business people in many different settings that include speakers, trips as well as the annual RE conference. Annually, we hold the CMU real estate conference. This conference features speakers from backgrounds across the industry ranging from sales, legal, development, lending, brokerage, government and more. The conference covers topics in both housing and commercial RE issues.

For information regarding the program, please contact the Director of Real Estate, Dr. Spenser Robinson via email at s.robinson@cmich.edu