Careers in SAP

​Current data from CMU's Career Services shows that nearly 93% of College of Business Administration graduates are employed immediately following graduation. To date, many graduates with specialized SAP instruction have received multiple employment offers with such international companies as The Dow Chemical Company and Eli Lilly. Due to their extensive knowledge about SAP, many undergraduate students who chose to perform internships are asked to join a company's SAP team even before they graduate.

The future career opportunities of CMU students rest in the decisions they make today. Participating in CMU's SAP University Alliance Program by taking business courses supported by SAP R/3 will make these students more marketable and in greater demand no matter their business major. Our commitment to this program shows in the comments that we have received from our students. 

SAP is the world's largest enterprise software company and the third-largest software supplier in the world. SAP is the recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries in every major market. The following database represents over 160 corporations, many of which recruit at CMU, and represent such industries as automotive, banking, chemicals, defense, engineering, health care, oil and gas, logistics services, or telecommunications.

Some of the companies that hire CMU students who have taken SAP related courses include: