Courses and Certificates

The mission of Central Michigan University's SAP University Alliance Program is to facilitate the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concepts into and across functional areas of the College of Business Administration's curriculum and programs of study.

The goal is to use SAP technology as a "tool" to help teach business concepts.

Instead of studying "cold" textbook exercises at the end of a given textbook chapter, students directly interact with a "real" business executing "real" functions and transactions in a "life like" business-to-business simulation.

Students are rewarded for taking SAP supported courses with an Award of Recognition once they have successfully completed a course. After completing three SAP supported courses a three-course Award of Recognition is issued to a student.

SAP Focused Courses:

  • Accounting Systems and Controls
  • Managerial Accounting and Decision Making
  • Managerial Cost Control Analysis
  • Information Systems
  • Enterprise Software in Business Using SAP Software
  • Integrated Business Experience
  • Advanced Integrated Business Experience
  • ABAP Programming Fundamentals
  • Configuration and Implementation Using SAP Software
  • Integration of Business Processes Using SAP Software
  • Enterprise Systems for Management Using SAP Software
  • ABAP Programming for Managerial Systems
  • Configuration and Implementation for Global Systems Using SAP Software
  • Business Intelligence Using SAP BW
  • Configuration, Control, and Implementation of Global Accounting Systems Using GRC
  • Integration of Business Processes for Management Using SAP Software

BSBA Core Classes all must take

Graduate courses

ERP Graduate Certificate Program

An online or residential program teaching students how to use SAP to manage a business to deliver
tangible business benefits, i.e. Return on Investment

ERP Graduate Certificate program represents 16 credits including TERP10 Certification

Classroom Business Exercises based upon the book, “Maximizing Return on Investment from ERP
Programs” publication date late summer 2012, John Wiley & Sons
Graduate Certificate Courses supported by SAP software:
BIS 647  Enterprise Systems for Management Using SAP Software
 Provides students with an introduction to SAP including an ERPsim Simulation.
BIS 658  Configuration and Implementation for Global Systems Using SAP Software
 Provides experience with configuration, to design and implement business processes.
   It provides students with knowledge of how to configure processes and looks at cross-functional results of actions taken.
BIS 656  Business Intelligence Using SAP BW 7
 Provides experience with taking data created in SAP ERP and develops an analytical and reporting platform that determines data migrated from SAP ERP, how it is aggregated,    collated, analyzed, and reported on.
ACC 730  Configuration, Control, & Implementation of Global Accounting Systems Using GRC
 Uses learning from all of the previous courses and evaluates how to evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls as configured in SAP ERP.  The course employs SAPGRC tools   to audit for compliance and risk.
BUS 698  Integration of Business Processes for Management Using SAP Software
 This is the culmination and tests knowledge of business process integration that exists throughout the SAP suite.   Students earn SAP TERP10 Certification from SAP


CMU's graduate coursework has begun to take a conceptual look at how businesses change when implementing ERP systems and examine the basic fundamentals of how to use ERP programs to achieve intended business results. Embedded chapters from a book tie the Graduate Certificate in ERP courses together and provide for discussions around individual student's experience in his/her company.  The use of SAP technology to support today's business management fundamentals is provided by the inclusion of the book, Maximizing Return on Investment Using ERP Applications, publication date late summer 2012, John Wiley & Sons.  For more information:

For more information:


SAP Certification

TERP10, SAP ERP-Integration of Business Processes

Do you want to be part of state-of-the-art training and earn SAP Certification?

WHAT:      SAP Certification—TERP 10, SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes. 
                  A special two-week SAP Certification Academy will be offered by SAP America & the College of    Business Administration, Central Michigan University.  SAP-America will provide SAP Certified faculty to teach the SAP Certification training and administer the SAP Certification Exam. For more information please visit:

GOALS:           The SAP Certification Academy will prepare you to:

  • Enhance your understanding of integration and system navigation in the SAP system.    
  • Explain how the fundamental business processes interact with ERP in the areas of Sales Order Management, Material and Production Planning, Procurement, Inventory Management, Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Human Capital Management, Financial Accounting, and Management Accounting.
  • Perform the integrated logistics and financial processes, and the use of analytical components such as Business Warehouse and Strategic Enterprise Management.
  • Perform the core business transactions in the functional areas of Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Procurement, Human Resources, Financials, and Controlling.
Course Overview:

  •     ERP Basics
  •     ERP SAP NetWeaver
  •     Business Warehouse
  •     Sales Order Management
  •     Material Planning
  •     Manufacturing Execution
  •     Procurement Cycle
  •     Inventory and Warehouse Management
  •     Lifecycle Data Management
  •     Program and Project Management
  •     Enterprise Asset Management
  •     Human Capital Management
  •     Financial Accounting
  •     Management Accounting
  •     Strategic Enterprise Management

When: Two Weeks

Where: The DOW-SAP Learning Lab, Central Michigan University

Why:   You now have an opportunity to further your knowledge of ERP/SAP, gain professional status with SAP Certification, and substantially increase your value to your current or future employer.

Who:   For undergraduate or graduate students who have taken SAP supported courses and are enrolled at CMU and have a desire to capitalize on opportunities as a valuable investment in their careers.