Online Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Systems (ERP Grad Certificate Program)

‚ÄčThe Graduate Certificate program teaches students how to use SAP to manage a business to deliver tangible business benefits, i.e. Return on Investment. Graduate Certificate credits can transfer to full MBA or MSIS degrees. Students can update their skills and add vital credentials to their resumes. SAP supported classes provide students with immediate take-aways, plus students gain a solid foundation in SAP, the world's leading enterprise system.

The online Graduate Certificate in ERP is offered in conjunction with the Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Information Systems degrees. The 16-hour Graduate Certificate offers five SAP supported graduate courses with the last course being the SAP Certification - TS410 Academy.

Graduate Certificate Courses supported by SAP software: 

BIS 647S  Enterprise Systems for Management using SAP Software 3(3-0)  Examination of the application and management of business enterprise software using SAP. Issues include software deployment that supports transaction processing in the business supply chain.

BIS 658S  Enterprise System Configuration using SAP Software 3(3-0)  Configuration issues, concepts, and application of enterprise software (SAP) for global business organization integration.

BIS 656S  Business Intelligence using SAP Software 3(3-0)   A study of business intelligence using SAP software. Enterprise data warehousing and business intelligence solutions are covered.

BIS 657S  ABAP Programming for Enterprise Systems 3(3-0)   Application of ABAP programming language to implement business processes using the SAP system as an example of contemporary enterprise software.

BUS 698  Integration of Business Processes for Management using SAP Software (SAP Certification TS410 Academy) 4(Spec)   Examination of how business processes interact with SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management. This course meets on-campus as a two-week academy (the SAP Certification TS410 Academy) presented by the College of Business Administration. 

For more information such as admission requirements, how to apply, and courses offered, please visit the ERP Graduate Certificate page via Global Campus at CMU.