Graduate Level Courses

CMU's graduate coursework has begun to take a conceptual look at how businesses change when implementing ERP systems and examine the basic fundamentals of how to use ERP programs to achieve intended business results. Embedded chapters from a book tie the Graduate Certificate in ERP courses together and provide for discussions around individual student's experience in his/her company.  The use of SAP technology to support today's business management fundamentals is provided by the inclusion of the book, Maximizing Return on Investment Using ERP Applications: publication date late summer 2012, John Wiley & Sons. 

  • Enterprise Systems for Management Using SAP Software
  • ABAP Programming for Managerial Systems
  • Basis administration using SAP Software
  • Configuration and Implementation for Global Systems Using SAP Software
  • Business Intelligence Using SAP BW
  • Configuration, Control, and Implementation of Global Accounting Systems Using GRC
  • Integration of Business Processes for Management Using SAP Software

CMU's Graduate level courses supported by SAP software: