About Program

​​​​In 1997, SAP America donated SAP R/3 software, simulation training databases, and technical support valued at $1.1 million to Central Michigan University. Eight faculty members initially received SAP training. Currently, 19 CMU faculty members have received SAP training and have selected certain courses and developed class assignments and exercises using SAP.

In the fall of 2015, CMU began its 19th year as a member of the SAP University Alliance Program. Since 1998, CMU has offered undergraduate and graduate courses supported by the SAP software. To date, over 10,200 CMU students have participated in business courses supported by SAP and have received an Award of Recognition. The Award of Recognition is awarded to each student who successfully completes a CMU class supported by SAP.

Since 2000, CMU has offered 42 SAP TERP10 Academies supporting the online program. The TERP10 Certification is the golden trophy of any University Alliance program. To date, 745 undergraduate and graduate students have become SAP TERP10 Certified, a tribute to SAP, which has strongly supported CMU.  

The online Graduate Certificate in ERP is offered in conjunction with the Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Information Systems degrees. The 16 hour Graduate Certificate offers five SAP supported graduate courses with the last course being the TERP10 SAP Certification Academy.

The Graduate Certificate program teaches students how to use SAP to manage a business to deliver tangible business benefits, i.e. return on investment and streamline business process. Graduate certificate credits can transfer to full-time MBA or MSIS degrees. In addition, CMU offers online MBA with SAP emphasis through Global Campus. Students can update their skills and add vital credentials to their resumes. SAP supported classes provide students with immediate take-away, plus students will have a solid foundation in SAP, the world's leading enterprise system.

CMU's Graduate coursework has begun to take a conceptual look at how businesses change when implementing ERP systems and examine the basic fundamentals of how the use of ERP programs achieve intended business results.

Some of CMU's SAP Focused Courses:

  • Accounting Systems and Controls
  • Managerial Cost Control Analysis
  • Enterprise Software in Business using SAP Software
  • Integrated Business Experience
  • Advanced Integrated Business Experience
  • ABAP Programming Fundamentals
  • Configuration and Implementation Using SAP Software
  • Integration of Business Processes Using SAP Software
  • Enterprise Systems for Management Using SAP Software
  • ABAP Programming for Managerial Systems
  • Basis administration using SAP Software
  • Configuration and Implementation for Global Systems Using SAP Software
  • Business Intelligence Using SAP BW
  • Configuration, Control, and Implementation of Global Accounting Systems Using GRC
  • Integration of Business Processes for Management Using SAP Software

BSBA Core Classes all must take Graduate courses

Embedded chapter from a book tie the Graduate Certificate in ERP courses together and provide for discussions around individual student's experience in his/her company.

The use of SAP Technology to support today's business management fundamentals is provided by inclusion of the book, Maximizing Return on Investment Using ERP Applications, publication date late summer 2012, John Wiley & Sons. For more information: Click here for Text book

Why SAP?

  • Better understanding of the integration of business processes
  • World-class information technology knowledge
  • Maximize return on investment through better understanding of ERP programs
  • Learn how to run a business better, organize job responsibilities, and make effective strategic business decisions
  • Experience firsthand the integrative capabilities of SAP while running a fictitious business using real-life SAP system
  • High employability
  • Increased entry-level salary
  • Greater choice of employers.

The SAP University Alliances Program donates licenses to over 1,000 institutions of higher education around the world and fully outfits their professors to provide students in-depth, hands-on experience with SAP software and solutions. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students, at participating campuses, experience firsthand how the fully integrated SAP enterprise information software systems operate. They learn how these solutions support their future employers' organizations in becoming more productive, profitable, and sustainable. Graduates of member institutions thus have a measurable competitive advantage when entering the job market, which stays with them for their careers.

"I am glad I was able to take SAP supported courses and go thought the TERP10 Boot Camp. I really feel my CMU experiences have helped me gain an opportunity with a Priority Client. I feel fortunate to have my CMU SAP experience."

Rebecca Stahrr, Diversified Service Group, Ernst & Young​ LLP

"Being involved with the MSIS program at CMU gave me the skills and experience I needed to get my feet in the door at Silicon Valley and begin a career with one of the largest e-business software companies."

-John Burton, Solutions Development Engineer, Customer Relationship Management Team of SAP