SAP Courses Offered

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The mission of Central Michigan University's SAP University Alliance Program is to facilitate the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concepts into and across functional areas of the College of Business Administration's curriculum and programs of study.

 The goal is to use SAP technology as a "tool" to help teach business concepts.

 Instead of studying "cold" textbook exercises at the end of a given textbook chapter, students directly interact with a "real" business executing "real" functions and transactions in a "life like" business-to-business simulation.

 Students are rewarded for taking SAP supported courses with an Award of Recognition once they have successfully completed a course. After completing three SAP supported courses a three-course Award of Recognition is issued to a student.​

Click on Undergraute Level Courses or on Graduate Level Course​s to see the list of courses offered under SAP UA by CMU.