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CMU's SAP Student User Group (SAP SUG) is one of the strongest student organizations in the College of Business Administration. The group offers an abundant amount of networking opportunities with employers and SAP University Alliance faculty for students across the campus. The group also works to increases the awareness of the SAP coursework and career counseling services to its members in collaboration with CMU Career Services. All students who are enrolled for SAP courses at CMU are encouraged to be members of the user group and take advantage of its many activities and benefits including:

1. Connect with Industry: Inviting SAP related officials from various companies like GM, 3M, IBM, Rockwell Collins, etc. to better understand SAP from an industry perspective as well to enhance the networking with potential employers. Click here to watch our meeting videos

2. SAP Fast Break Event: The SAP Student User Group hosts SAP fast break every semester to increase awareness about SAP-related courses work, job opportunities with SAP, SAP certifications and a variety of other benefits by being a member of SAP SUG.

3. Connect with Professor: The SAP Student User Group works very closely with some of the best faculty CMU has to offer. The SAP faculty who support the SAP SUG are full of dedicated individuals who want to see their students succeed in Industry. 

4. Connect with employers: With its wide range of activities, SAP SUG has an ability to build strong networking among the employers and students for the mutual benefit of both groups.

5. SAP TERP10 Study Sessions: Students can take advantage of SAP SUG TERP10 study sessions offered two times a week during the spring semester. This helps many students who are hoping to take TERP10 certification in the summer. It also benefits students to gain more understanding of SAP concepts even if they are not planning to take the certification exam.

6. On-site "lessons learned" visits to companies out of state:   Over the past number of years, the SAP SUG has visited many corporations, such as Monsanto, Caterpillar, Harley-Davidson, MillerCoors, John Deere,  Steel Case, Cargill, 3M, and others.  Leadership at these companies have provided the students with the opportunity to meet various professionals who have been working with SAP in their corporations.  The students meet with their company leaders such as the CIO and others.  The SAP students enjoy meeting these professionals and learning about their implementations and usage of SAP.  The SAP SUG represents majors throughout the College of Business Administration including majors in Information Systems, Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and others.  They also have very active graduate SAP students who are pursuing their MSIS or MBA degrees with an ERP concentration. 

The SAP SUG students call the visits an opportunity to talk about "Lessons Learned."   As Monsanto's past Vice President and Chief Information Officer stated to the students, "Passing on our experiences of lessons learned is very valuable to your students because what you are learning from us is worth millions of dollars, it is a win/win for everyone."    

The Student User Group meets Wednesdays at 6:30 P.M in Grawn Hall 100. All students are encouraged to attend at least one meeting. For more information please contact one of the following SAP SUG Officers: 

‚ÄčCurrent office bearers:

President: Thomas Kolean -

Vice President: Erin Hemmingson -

Treasurer: Luyi Huang -

Secretary: Brittany Khousakoun -

Social media chair: Alexis Lang -

Membership and Recruitment: Braedon Wolfe -


Please follow the below link to register for SAP Student User Group.

Full year membership is $50. If you are graduating this semester, the cost is $40.With your membership. The registration and payment link has been set up and shown below: