Student Comments

I graduated from CMU in May 2013 with a double major in Accounting and Finance and a minor in Information Systems-SAP. Currently I’m the PMO Resource Manager for the Enterprise SAP Organization within General Motors. I can, without a doubt, say that being hired at GM was a direct result of the SAP Program at CMU. What makes the program great is the professors. The professors have such a deep knowledge of SAP, and they know how to provide students with that knowledge. They are very enthusiastic about SAP, and it makes for a great learning experience. I would encourage more students to get involved with SAP. SAP is such a highly sought after skill, and the opportunities are endless. In the four years I worked as a student assistant for the SAP University Alliance Program, I’ve seen great things from the program: Implementation of the IMI, the ERPsim competition, addition of new SAP classes, the list is endless. As an alumni I look forward to seeing even greater things!  

Stephanie Christensen

PMO - Enterprise SAP Program

GM Information Technology

 Af​ter graduating from Central Michigan University in 2009 with a degree in Management Information systems with a concentration in SAP, I joined Dow Corning as a Global Business Process Specialist. Because of my coursework and Terp10 certification I was able to immediately hit the ground running. Not only did it prepare me for the workforce, it was also pivotal in opening up opportunities for me. The SAP program at CMU is something that Dow Corning thinks very highly of and we look forward to recruiting each year from the class.   


Kyle Schrauben 
Global Business Services,
Process Specialist

Dow Corning Corporation

 I graduated from Central Michigan University in May 2003 with a double major in Management Information Systems and Operations Management, along with an Emphasis in SAP R/3 (Intro to Enterprise Business Planning, ABAP/4 Programming, and Configuration).  This combination of course work and SAP Certification (Business Integration Processing version 4.6c) that I completed at CMU’s SAP Boot Camp was instrumental to my early success at Deloitte & Touche LLP as a Consultant.  The hands-on SAP experience that I acquired in college influenced their decision to staff me on two international projects where I was able to work in Brazil and Australia. Over 10 years later, I’m still using my SAP skills that originated at CMU as a Manager in Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services practice.


Greg Boehmer

Manager | Cyber Risk Services 
Deloitte & Touche LLP

 I graduated from CMU in December of 2009 with a B.S. in B.A. majoring in Management Information Systems.  Simply put, without the SAP Alliance program at CMU I would not be where I am today. CMU’s program offers students exposure to the different facets of SAP like ABAP programming, configuration and implementation, and BW.  Awareness and understanding of each is vital to anyone’s SAP career.  Also, the faculty and program administrators do an outstanding job promoting and organizing the SAP TERP10 certification courses which alone would help bolster a resume toward the top of any recruiter’s stack.  The courses and certification coupled together set a great foundation of SAP knowledge that companies and the individuals they hire (like me) can build off of and develop into expertise. Thanks to the SAP program at CMU I’ve had the opportunity to work for a great company, implementing and supporting global business solutions across multiple processes. With more and more students participating in the TERP10 Certification classes each year and new events like the ERP Simulation it’s clear to me that the faculty are doing everything they can to continually improve the program and better prepare students for their career.

Shawn Davis

​Senior Business Process Analyst,

Dow Corning Corporation

 I graduated from Central Michigan University in May 2012 with degrees in Information Systems-SAP and International Business. I currently am employed by HP Enterprise Services as a SAP Business Consultant where I utilize what I learned at CMU every day. The SAP program courses and experiences are directly responsible for the career opportunities I have received since graduation. Not only was I able to obtain a position with a Fortune 100 company, but I was able to begin utilizing my degree immediately upon graduating. The SAP program prepared me to become a fully functional project team member and leader. Along the way I’ve found that with my Information Systems-SAP degree and Terp10 certification, the opportunities are endless.

Kirsten Trombly

SAP Business Consultant

HP Enterprise Services


I graduated from Central Michigan University in May 2014 with degrees in Information Systems-SAP and Accounting. Upon graduation and completion of the TERP10 Certification, I was offered a position with Steelcase Inc as a Specials Database Product Data Analyst.  I utilize my SAP skills I acquired from CMU every day on the job.  The many opportunities the SAP program offers for one to excel is what sets CMU apart from every other university.  The amount of exposure that I received from the Annual ERPSim competition, ASUG User Group, and Certification courses that are offered is what sets myself, and many others apart from the rest. This is what makes CMU the leader in SAP.

Ashley Hall

Database Product Data Analyst

Steelcase Inc

 "I greatly appreciate the SAP University Alliance Program and the various courses supplemented through it. The various supplemented classes are a great way to get some working experience utilizing some of the techniques and theories covered here. Coming from an Information Systems major, I love the new challenges and various disciplines such as Purchasing/Supply Chain Management, and Human Resources that I get to encounter here at Central. I would urge more students to look into Central's ERP classes."

Russell Ashman

MIS undergraduate student, and

Dow Chemical SAP Award of Excellence recipient

"The program at CMU gave me a great first look at the background and functionality of SAP. Professors and students in the program were very enthusiastic, which made it a rich learning experience. I believe the program has also done a fine job at keeping its students in tune with the latest SAP technology and developments."

Derick Fedewa

MIS undergraduate student, and 

Dow Chemical SAP Award of Excellence recipient

"Central's MSIS program has provided me with a sturdy business and technology foundation. My education from CMU has enabled me to begin a career in the ever changing software industry. I firmly believe graduating from a SAP University Alliance University has helped me gain employment at SAP Labs. As a developer in the Small and Mid-Size Business Unit, I have worked on many exciting projects, which include developing preconfigured solutions for small to mid-size businesses."

Jacqueline Charles

Developer of Small and Mid-Size Business Unit of SAP,

graduate of MSIS program

 "Being involved with the MSIS program at CMU gave me the skills and experience I needed to get my feet in the door at Silicon Valley and begin a career with one of the largest e-business software companies."

John Burton

Solution Development Engineer, 

Customer Relationship Management Team of SAP, 

graduate of MBA program

"The MSIS program provided me the valuable knowledge both in business and technology. After graduation, I started to work right away with the leading ERP Company, SAP LABS, Inc. I strongly believe that the MSIS program gave me a foundation of knowledge to advance in my career."

Satit Nuchitsiriipattara

SAP Application Developer of SAP LABS, Inc., graduate of MSIS program

"The SAP program allows the students to gain a competitive advantage over other students. Students that take the SAP courses or a member of the student group (SAP UASUG), learn a technical skill that their major does not provide. SAP alone is a transferable skill that can help a student learn new concepts that they come across. In addition, the SAP program at Central Michigan University defines the standards of programs that other universities try to achieve."

Amar Hussein

MIS undergraduate student, and

Dow Chemical SAP Award of Excellence recipient


"The SAP program at CMU is an excellent opportunity for students to work with an integrated system. The SAP classes offer much more than just textbook learning - they also offer the chance to use the system. This is what will give CMU students the edge over other students in the workforce."

Denise McBride

MSIS graduate student, and

Dow Chemical SAP Award of Excellence recipient


"Excellent program for people seeking both technical and managerial skills. Provides a good amount of best business practices across vertical industries."

Francis Tawiah

MSIS graduate student, and

Dow Chemical SAP Award of Excellence recipient


"Being hired at Plastipak Packaging, Inc. is a direct result of not only the SAP Academy, but other SAP Intensive Classes and subject matter provided by Central Michigan University SAP Faculty."

Jason Combs

MIS Graduate and SAP Process Integration Certification Academy participant. He presently is employed by Plastipak Packaging, Inc


"My education at CMU was very extensive. I didn't just become proficient in the use of SAP software; I learned how to develop systems that allowed the implication of enterprise resource software in general. In addition, I learned how to configure a system for a particular company's specific needs as well as how to code or program. With SAP it's a language call ABAP/4. There is no doubt that my in-depth courses in SAP enabled me to secure top-notch employment offers long before I graduated. As an intern, I was immediately placed on The Dow Chemical Company's SAP team. I interview with more than a half dozen global companies that were looking for someone with comprehensive SAP knowledge."

Jackie Plourde

MIS Graduate and SAP Process Integration Certification Academy participant. She presently is employed by Eli Lilly


"I am currently an ERP specialist at Deloitte & Touche, with the majority of my work being around SAP and PeopleSoft. Some thoughts I think I could provide to students would have to be to utilize the resources that CMU has to offer. From industry experience to this point, I have spoke to many individuals in the IT industry and many could not believe the types of opportunities I received at CMU. I work with CEO's, CIO's, and CTO's on a regular basis and these people in the economy are amazed at opportunities students have."

Brian Smolinski

MIS Graduate and SAP Process Integration Certification Academy participant. He presently is working for Deloitte & Touche


"I would recommend students take full advantage of the SAP opportunities at CMU, especially if they desire a leg-up on their fellow job-seekers. SAP offers a highly specialized knowledge that appears to me to be sought after by certain employers."

Brian Jacques

Accounting Graduate and SAP Process Integration Certification Academy participant. He presently is working for the United States Department of Defense