Green Belt Certification via BUS 503

BUS 503: Applied Lean Six Sigma

A Course to Build Strong Marketable Skills

BUS 503 applies principles and practices of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) operations improvement that have been demonstrated to bring value to any business discipline or enterprise. Lean Six Sigma builds on a business statistics foundation and can be characterized by three performance elements: Project management, Team management, and Information/Data management.


Students who successfully complete BUS 503 should be able to do the following:

  • Certify as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt by completing all course requirements including the successful completion of all phases of a simulated continuous improvement project and passing a certification examination.
  • Demonstrate analytical problem solving abilities for improving business processes.
  • Utilize contemporary statistical concepts and software to make data-driven decisions.
  • Perform project and team management concepts for applying LSS principles to appropriate business processes and improvement opportunities.
  • Perform group assignments simulating project application of LSS to business problems.

Knowledge Students Will Acquire

Students who have successfully completed BUS 503 will know the following:

  • Lean Six Sigma DMAIC methodology
  • Lean Fundamentals – Wastes, 5S, Workplace Optimization, Value Stream Mapping
  • Brainstorming tools and techniques
  • Problem solving tools, and techniques
  • Team Dynamics
  • Change Management fundamentals
  • Statistical methods including descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, Chi-Square, single and multiple regression
  • SAS JMP statistical software sufficiently to perform assignments using statistical methods.

Skills Students Will Demonstrate

Students successfully completing BUS 503 will have the skills to:

  • Define a business process problem and charter the project activity to address it
  • Lead or significantly contribute to a business process improvement project
  • Manage project team through the project phases
  • Perform stakeholder management conducting Change Management and Communication Planning
  • Demonstrate competent application of Lean Six Sigma methods and appropriate problem solving tools and techniques
  • Use statistical methods and software to validate root causes of business process problems.