The School of Accounting offers an accelerated directed-study course (ACC 551) - Advanced Seminar for Public Accounting - that allows students to prepare for and sit for the CPA examination throughout the summer. When successful, students pass all four sections of the examination by mid-August. Below you will find some frequently asked questions:

What is Advanced Seminar for Public Accounting?
Advanced Seminar for Public Accounting at CMU is an extended summer course (ACC 551) that enables students pursuing their CPA license to study, and sit, for four sections of the CPA exam in one summer – all while earning three credit hours for doing so.​

How does it work?
Students fill out an application in Grawn 312  to enroll in ACC 551 for the summer 1 session ( ACC 551 Application Summer 2018). The class meets most weekdays from 9:0​0am to 1:00pm for video lectures, and after a break for lunch, students utilize breakout rooms to work in small groups for the rest of the day to complete exercises related to concepts covered in the day's videos. The class officially meets from 5/7/2018 to 6/21/2018 and covers AUD and FAR. After the first summer session ends, we will still provide the structure and facilities for the course (on an informal, voluntary basis) throughout July and August to finish BEC and REG. While intense, students can study, and sit, for all sections of the exam by mid-August.

Who can enroll in the course?
To enroll in ACC 551, students need to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam at the end of May. In order to sit for the exam in May, students must have completed the requirements for a bachelor degree in accounting. Any student that expects to graduate in May (or who has already fulfilled all the requirements of the BSBA degree by May) can enroll in the class.

Do I need 150 hours to apply for the exam?
No, you will need 150 hours to apply for your license, but not to apply to sit for the exam.

Why enroll in the class? Can't I just self study?
First, passing the CPA exam prior to starting your career in public accounting will be an invaluable differentiator, and allow you to focus on your job responsibilities during the day, and relax at night. Second, self-studying is always an option, but accomplishing an accelerated exam timeline takes persistence. Enrolling in ACC 551 gives you access to a cohort of students, all with the same goal in mind - passing the exam. The class will help create a “culture of passing.” Third, the course will have a professor in charge of helping you along the way, encouraging you when you are discouraged, and challenging you when you fall behind. Fourth, if you need 150 hours, this is an excellent step in the right direction.

Can I take ACC 551 as part of my accelerated MBA?
Yes! If you have not registered for ACC 551 as an undergraduate, you can wait to take ACC 551 as part of your MBA elective course upon the completion of your undergraduate program.

How much are the Becker materials? Are they required?
Becker materials are required, and will be the only materials allowed in the class. Some firms will pay for your Becker materials if you have accepted a job with them (check with your firm before ordering any materials). If not, financing and scholarship opportunities are available. Please see www.Becker.com/CPA​ for more information.

How much are the testing fees?
2018 CPA examination fees are estimated to be $833.60, plus an application fee of $147.

Why can't I take some exams right after studying for them?
CPA examinations are administered in two months on, one month off windows. June is a “closed” month.

What is the approximate timeline for registering for the class and CPA exams?

Important websites:

Michigan State Board of Accountancy - http://www.michigan.gov/accountancy

For more information, please stop by the School of Accounting Office in Grawn 312, 
or email SOA@cmich.edu​​ or 989-774-3796