​Distinctive Features of the Accounting Internship/Co-Op Program
  • Provides real world experience and learning on the job, which cannot be obtained from textbooks and classrooms.
  • Enables students to establish valuable contacts for possible future full-time employment upon graduation.
  • Enables employers to satisfy short-run staffing needs with qualified students.
  • Gives employers of accounting students exposure to the capabilities of the students.
  • Enables students to finance part of their education with the money they earn.
  • Allows students to earn three semester hours of academic credit by completion of the course.
Responsibilities of the Employer
  • The employer should send a brief evaluation of each student to the School of Accounting Internship/Co-Op Supervisor. The evaluation will remain confidential. It is intended to check how the student performed and fulfilled responsibilities. Employer Evaluation Form.
  • The employer will be expected to provide the student with a variety of work experience commensurate with his or her ability and training.
  • The employer is not bound to hire the student upon graduation, nor is the student bound to accept employment with the employer. The student will be free to interview with other potential employers.
  • The employer is invited to make suggestions to the Program Supervisor, the School of Accounting Chairperson, or any other accounting faculty member so that the program can be improved.
Responsibilities of the Student
  • Interested students should apply for the program by returning a completed application form (available in the School of Accounting office) to the School of Accounting Internship/Co-Op Supervisor.
  • Students will need to complete a bump card in order to register for ACC 489, Accounting Internship/Co-Op.
  • At the end of the program, each student will submit to the School of Accounting Internship/Co-Op Supervisor a brief report of his or her experience.
 Academic Credit
  • Three semester hours of academic credit are allowed for ACC 489, Accounting Internship/Co-Op, on a credit/no credit basis.
  • Co-Op students earn one hour of credit for each semester worked. A maximum of three credit hours can be earned.
  • Students in the program during fall or spring semesters can make up lost academic time by taking courses in the summer sessions.
For more information, please call (989) 774-3796