Degree Programs

The School of Accounting at CMU is one of only five programs in the state of Michigan that have earned the prestigious accounting accreditation granted by the AACSB​.
The School of Accounting offers two bachelor's degrees, a minor, and an MBA concentration for graduate students.  

Accelerated MBA Accounting Concentration

The School of Accounting has developed an accelerated program that allows students to earn both a BSBA and MBA with 156 hours, rather than 162. With proper planning, the accelerated program typically allows students to graduate with an MBA by earning an incremental 24 credit hours beyond their undergraduate program (typically one additional year of course work). Additionally, for those students pursuing a CPA license, the accelerated MBA program fulfills the State of Michigan CPA education​ requirements.

If you are interested in pursuing the accelerated MBA Accounting Concentration, you should apply for the MBA program during your junior year of college. You will also need to sit for the GMAT before your senior year of college.  You must be admitted to the MBA program before taking ACC 501 and ACC 531.

Course Descriptors and Degree Requirements

To view the most accurate requirements of the degree you wish to pursue, please see the Academic Bulletin that applies to your plan of study. Then simply select the department and specific major and minor you are pursuing.

For additional information, please contact:

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