Careers in Information Systems (IS)

Current data from CMU's Career Services shows that nearly 100 percent of the college's Information Systems (IS) graduates receive employment offers before or immediately following graduation. Many receive multiple job offers. Their starting salaries are among the highest of all College of Business Administration graduates. Some earn starting annual salary offers of more than $60,000, and many report receiving signing bonuses.

As a graduate of CMU's Information Systems program, you may find employment in a variety of areas including:

  • Applications programmer
  • Communications network designer
  • Database analyst
  • Data entry and retrieval systems manager
  • Hardware marketer
  • Information center consultant
  • Network administrator
  • Software marketer
  • Systems consultant
  • Teleprocessing network designer
  • Webmaster
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Careers in Applied Business Communication

Applied Business Communication centers on workforce preparedness and business success. Communication skills make up "the most highly desired skills" among employers. Today's workplace requires more from its employees than ever before. Employees need to think critically, solve problems, innovate, collaborate, and communicate more effectively and at every level within the organization. ABC will prepare students for whatever career they choose as a result of the following key outcomes.

Key Outcomes of ABC

Professional Literacy

  • Be able to create, deliver, and understand effective messages.
  • Find, describe, and synthesize information for various sources.
  • Understand the big picture and problem solving.


  • Practical application of technology to solve real-world problems.
  • Making connections in a business setting.
  • Developing skills to effectively use the team process.


  • Working with new ideas that have value.
  • Creating a portfolio for evidence of practice.

Job Ready

  • Self-awareness of professional strengths and weaknesses.
  • Knowing how to behave in a business setting.