Why minor in Applied Business Practices (ABP)?

The Applied Business Practices (ABP) minor prepares students with the critical skills employers value most: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

The ABP minor focuses on the following areas to prepare students to be "job ready":

  •     Effective communication in a global business setting
  •     Social media in business
  •     Visual communication and digital media
  •     Client projects and real-world problem solving
  •     Professional portfolios, with evidence of student learning, proficiencies, and accomplishments

Students from any major can benefit from the critical skills developed with the ABP minor. Students will be actively engaged in applying technology to solve actual problems, learn how to use social media in the workplace, and develop effective communication and professional literacy skills. The ABP minor is an ideal choice to complement any major.

To learn more about the Applied Business Practices minor at Central Michigan University, watch our video and contact us:

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