Why Study IS?

​Information Systems study centers around how people use computers and systems to solve problems in business. For example, an Information Systems professional may develop an accounting system for a specific company, construct a database to help a company store large volumes of information, or design and implement a communications system for a company with offices spread around the globe. Information Systems professionals are in high demand as companies rely on these experts to help them stay current with technology and remain competitive in today's global marketplace.

CMU's Information Systems major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S. in B.A.) degree. As an Information Systems major, your curriculum begins with a core of common business administration coursework, such as business law, productions/operations management, and global management strategy. In addition, you will have upper-level coursework in the following areas: computer programming; systems analysis and design; database management systems; decision support systems; and business systems applications. You also may elect to take courses in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), cybersecurity, project management, and more.

Degree Requirements​​

To view the most accurate requirements of the degree you wish to pursue, please go to the Online Academic Bulletins​ and select the year of the bulletin that applies to you, and "Main Campus" (unless you are taking distance learning classes, in which case you would select "Global Campus"). Then simply select the department and specific major or minor you are pursuing.

For additional information, or for a personal walkthrough of major and minor requirements, please contact the BIS Office in Grawn 305 at (989) 774-3554.