​Cybersecurity Events & News

October is Cybersecurity Month

Cybersecurity News

The FBI Releases Article on Defending Against Phishing and Spearfishing Attacks

Recent Events

CBA Cybersecurity Day!

CM Life Article about Cybersecurity Day: CMU Educates Students During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

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Panel Experts

Panelists will be present from the following industries: Finance, military, education, OIT, and more. 

Capture the Flag


Join us in the afternoon for a game of cybersecurity capture the flag!

You'll love this realistic game of problem-solving where you'll learn different ways hackers penetrate company systems. You'll gain some smarts and a unique experience to put on your resume.

After logging in to a secure site, you and a technical partner will be presented with a map of the world. You'll click on a symbol to receive a clue. Answer the clue and receive points. The team with the most points, wins! 

Online students can particpate remotely. Everyone must register for the game to play.