Cyber Center

The Cyber Center at Central Michigan University serves as a hub for cybersecurity awareness and provides tools in cyber defense to students and faculty. Housed in the Department of Business Information Systems (BIS), in the College of Business Administration (CBA), the Cyber Center includes a Graduate Certificate Program in Cybersecurity, a virtual lab, workshops, activities, faculty advisors, and access to interdepartmental cyber defense opportunities.



Cybersecurity Workshops and Discussion Panels

The Cyber Center and the Department of Business Information Systems provide workshops and panel discussions allowing students to learn from leading cybersecurity experts from various industries and leading companies. 

Cybersecurity Capture the Flag Competitions

Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions provide simulated cyber defense training to students on preventing hackers from penetrating company systems and gaining access to valuable information. 

The Cyber Center hosts several annual CTFs in collaboration with the College of Business Administration (CBA) and the Cybersecurity Club. CTFs are sometimes hosted by local industries, such as Dow.

Virtual Cybersecurity Lab

The Cyber Center is the home of a Cybersecurity Lab. The lab was developed by the College of Business Administration’s Technology Services to provide students in the Graduate Certificate Program with a virtual lab for hands-on learning. The lab allows students to test system vulnerabilities, hands-on practice in cyber defense, and practice working with the Cloud.

Advisory Board

The CMU Cybersecurity Advisory Board consists of members from different areas including education, government, and industry.

Cybersecurity Club

CMU’s Cybersecurity Club is an interdepartmental club for students across campus studying cyber-related fields. Students from Business Information Systems, Computer Science, and Information Technology make up the club.

The club is sponsored by the Cyber Center and is student-run. They offer CTF activities, community outreach and education programs, and other activities for students interested in cybersecurity.

Connections & Outreach

Community Outreach

The Cyber Center is committed to providing cybersecurity education and works to establish links between local schools and the BIS Department. BIS faculty facilitate high school visits, participate in career nights, and facilitate workshops exposing students to cybersecurity career paths. 

Business Connections

The Cyber Center works with business leaders to provide connections between students and employers in the cybersecurity arena. Through workshops, discussion panels, company-sponsored events, company visits, and internships, students are exposed to the cybersecurity field and real-world experiences as they prepare for cybersecurity careers.

Why Cybersecurity?

The cybersecurity job market is wide open. There are hundreds of thousands of job positions around the world for people with cybersecurity-related skills. Employers are desperate to fill these opportunities.

Central Michigan University’s Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity focuses on the tools and the needs of cybersecurity professionals in today’s information system-dependent world. The program emphasizes the foundations of network security and administration, governance, and cloud computing. Virtual labs provide hands-on experience to configure security, create and administer a cloud environment, and apply computer forensic tools.

Many people entering cybersecurity come from backgrounds in networking, software development, systems engineering, financial and risk management, and security intelligence. However, the need for employees with blended skills is a rising growth area. These are people with a deep understanding of a particular field such as healthcare, financial services, the military, or supply chain management. The added knowledge coupled with cybersecurity training makes candidates with a combination of backgrounds extremely desirable in the respective industries.

Whether your career is just beginning or you want to retool to pursue a new direction regardless of your background, cybersecurity is a high-paying, high-growth area.  Work is stimulating and challenging.  If you enjoy solving problems, cybersecurity is a great career choice.   

Quick Facts

​2020 Median Pay
​$203,590 per year
$49.80 per hour
​Typical Entry-Level Education
​Bachelor's degree
​Work Experience in a Related Occupation
Less than 5 years​
​On-the-job Training
​Number of Jobs, 2019
​Job Outlook, 2019-29
31% (much faster than average)​
​Employment Change, 2019-29

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

For more information about CMU's Cybersecurity program and the Cyber Center, please contact 
Dr. Susan Helser at or 989-774-3853.