We are now in a world that is increasingly online but vulnerable to attacks, with high demand for people trained in cybersecurity. This profession focuses on protecting information systems from outside attacks. As government agencies, financial services, the medical industry, educational institutions, and other businesses or organizations store sensitive information on networks, the need continues to grow for cybersecurity professionals.   

The average data breach is estimated to cost an organization $1.23 million. A study revealed that 1.8 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs will exist in 2022. New Department of Defense (DoD) guidelines require government contractors to be certified in cybersecurity. All of this indicates an exceptional growth in cybersecurity jobs. 

Cybersecurity spans a wide range of jobs from the non-technical to the technical. As a cybersecurity professional you may protect critical systems and networks from being accessed from outside attacks or develop action plans to protect clients and information.  

Analysts communicate within organizations and oversee company policies while educating employees on securing information. Technical specialists focus on applications and hardware.  

If you enjoy problem-solving and challenges, are interested in a good salary and opportunities for growth and mobility, consider cybersecurity. 

For more information about CMU's Cybersecurity programs, please contact 
Dr. Susan Helser at or at 989-774-3853.

Quick Facts:
2018 Median Pay
​$98,350 per year  
$47.28 per hour
​Typical Entry-Level Education
​Bachelor's degree
​Work Experience in a Related Occupation 
​Less than 5 years
​On-the-job Training
​Number of Jobs, 2018
​Job Outlook, 2018-28
​32% (Much faster than average)
​Employment Change, 2018-28