NVC Summer Accelerator

May 7 - June 19, 2019

Winners of the NVCA Award at the 2019 New Venture Competition


NVC Summer Accelerator Program Details

The Entrepreneurship team at CMU is hosting the second summer accelerator program.  This was awarded to three teams during the 2019 New Venture Competition.  The program is a seven-week experience starting May 7 and ending June 19.  Each venture that won the award will receive:

  • Legal services to be provided by our sponsor (services may, for example, be used to form and finance your startup)
  • A contribution of $2500 per venture which can be used to cover housing and meals during the 7 week period
  • Creative working space on campus
  • Hands on support from a team of experienced mentors
  • Access to other resources to help grow your startup
  • Invitations to entrepreneurial events and venues in Michigan
  • The opportunity to pitch to potential investors several times throughout the program

Each venture will also receive an additional investment of $5,000 to be made from our sponsor at the end of the program.