CMU offers one of the most comprehensive undergraduate curricula available in Entrepreneurship under the Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree.  Students may earn a major or a minor in Entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship degree offers a cross-disciplinary foundation of entrepreneurship and innovation that develops the skills needed to start a business, to acquire and lead a business, and to work effectively within a business.  Students learn their own aptitude for entrepreneurship, find and evaluate business opportunities, learn lean start-up techniques, financial management, legal aspects of a business, marketing strategies, and how to launch a venture.

Students begin their studies with Discovering the Entrepreneur Within (ENT 101) and Entrepreneurship Launch Pad (ENT/MGT 201) in their Freshman year and finish with Launching a Venture (ENT 495) in their senior year.  An internship is also required. ​ Refer to the Student Bulletin for specific details of the academic requirements or visit our academic advisor, Penny Woelfert in Grawn​ 164.