​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What we do
The Entrepreneurship Department and​ the Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship (IBIE) educates and shapes budding entrepreneurs through our strong academic curriculum and practical experiences in the start-up and small business world.  We provide tools and perspectives necessary to capitalize on students' entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial potential to create business ventures or work in a venture. 
Students receive a wide range of classroom and experiential opportunities to learn how to start-up, develop, manage, and create businesses.  We work with both internal resources, academic leaders and external resources to:
  • Teach Rich and Practical Skills
  • Provoke Innovative Thinking
  • Connect with Entrepreneurial Resources such as business accelerators like CMU-RC,  and the ecosystem throughout the state of Michigan

Alumni and Development Board Member, Cindy Fitzgerald, talks about how she ​started her business.

Cindy Fitzgerald, TELAdjust​​