The Entrepreneurship Department offers the following academic programs:

The ENT Minor is available in both the face-to-face and online learning environments. Currently, the ENT Major is only offered face-to-face and the M.E.V. is only offered online.
Student Learning Objectives
Students completing the ENT Major should be able to demonstrate:
  • An understanding of business fundamentals, core entrepreneurship concepts, and resources in the entrepreneurial ecosystem 
  • An entrepreneurial mindset by identifying consumer problems and proposing innovative and viable solutions  
  • Effectiveness in utilizing technology tools as an entrepreneur 
  • Effective oral and written communication skills by presenting ideas for new ventures
Students completing the M.E.V. program should be able to:
  • Explain key concepts of the business, legal and tactical issues surrounding entrepreneurial transactions
  • Analyze alternative entrepreneurial transaction structures and provisions to develop solutions to various problems
  • Apply technology (e.g., social media platforms, accounting software, billing and payment systems) when conducting entrepreneurial transactions
  • Demonstrate communication skills critical for negotiating and carrying out entrepreneurial transactions
Entrepreneurial Pathways
Founding a startup is exciting! However, becoming an entrepreneur is not just about going out and starting your own company. Many of our graduates will explore other entrepreneurial pathways – these paths may include:

  • Being change agents at established firms
  • Managing small businesses
  • Working as employees at new ventures
  • Serving social enterprises
  • Leading family businesses
  • Building franchises
  • Becoming independent inventors
  • Developing self-employment niches
  • Acquiring existing companies
  • Bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to government 
Thus, CMU offers programs for startup founders and students interested in alternative paths. To learn more about our offerings, please call 989-774-3270.

Entrepreneurship at CMU
The Entrepreneurship Department and​ the Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship (IBIE) educate and shape budding entrepreneurs through a combination of academic coursework and experiential learning opportunities. We provide students with the tools and perspectives necessary to capitalize on their entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial potential. Engaged students are better prepared to start new businesses and launch meaningful new ventures within existing organizations. 
Students receive a wide range of classroom and experiential opportunities to learn how to start, grow, manage, and lead businesses.  They work with internal and external resources to:

  • Develop rich and practical skills
  • Provoke innovative thinking
  • Connect with our entrepreneurial ecosystem
Alumni and Development Board Member, Cindy Fitzgerald, talks about how she ​started her business.
Cindy Fitzgerald, TELAdjust​​​​​​​