Michigan Finance Scholars (MFS) Program

The Finance department at Central Michigan University is committed to establishing a path that takes ambitious and driven undergraduate students at the College of Business and prepares them for top finance careers in investment banking, corporate finance, asset management, consulting, commercial banking and other fields.  The goal of the program is two-pronged.  First, prepare our scholars to be well-qualified candidates to get top internships and entry-level positions in the finance industry.  Second, equip them with soft and hard skills to ensure continued success and growth in their careers.

Key Features

  • Monthly, 4-hour Saturday workshops with faculty to advance technical finance skills
    • Business case studies with Dr. Brad Taylor
    • Working with Dr. Jim Felton in the Bloomberg lab to make investment decisions for the student-managed $2 million fund
  • Campus visits by distinguished alumni and professionals
    • Visiting speakers
    • Brown bag lunches
    • Professional mentors
    • Preferred access to internships
  • Regular Wednesday morning seminars to prepare students to further develop their soft & hard skills
    • Excel workshops offered by industry professionals and alumni
    • Enhancing intrapersonal skills, improving Emotional Intelligence and workplace behavior offered by CMU’s career resource center
  • Additional assignments during winter/spring/summer breaks to solidify fundamental accounting and finance skills
  • Optional study sections and scholarships have been provided by the CFA Institute, for those students interested in taking the CFA level I. Students registered to take the CFA exam may receive credit for Independent Study, replacing an elective course requirement



Luke Anderson.jpg
Luke Anderson
Major: Finance & Economics

Blake Bachelor.jpg
Blake Bachelor
Major: Finance & Management

Shae Berghoefer.jpg

Shae Berghoefer
Major: Finance

Jonathon Bork.jpg
Jonathon Bork
Major: Finance & Accounting

Mitch Brussel.jpg
Mitch Brussel
Major: Finance

Nick Clark 2.jpg
Nicholas Clark

Major: Accounting
Minor: Computer Science

Blake Eads.jpg
Blake Eads
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting

Allison Harrison 2.jpg
Allison Harrison
Major: Finance

Austin Harvey.jpg
Austin Harvey
Major: Finance
Minor: Accounting
President of Central Finance Club

Mitchell Kerkstra.jpg
Mitchell Kerkstra
Major: Finance

Ghadah Moquim 2.jpg
Ghadah Moquim
Major: Finance
Minor: Information Systems

Randy Osterman.jpg
Randy Osterman
Major: Finance
Minor: Economics

Emily Telesco 2.jpg
Emily Telesco
Major: Finance 
Minor: Informations Systems

Spencer Timm.jpg
Spencer Timm
Major: Finance 

Major: Finance & Accounting

Major: Finance 
Minor: Biology

Major: Finance 


Ryan Andrews.jpg
Ryan Andrews
Major: Finance 

Jake Aymen 2.jpg
Jake Aymen
Major: Finance & Economics

Sam Bodman 2.jpg
Sam Bodman
Major: Finance 
Minor: Mathematics, Professional Sales
, & Accounting

Deanna Brouwer.jpg

Major: Finance 

Andrew Kern 2.jpg
Andrew Kern
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting

Tommy Lucas.jpg
Tommy Lucas
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting

Jack Poslajko.jpg
Jack Poslajko
Major: Finance & Accounting

Eric Scott.jpg

Major: Finance & Accounting

Damon Thompson 2.jpg

Damon Thompson
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting

Jacob Chase.jpg
Jacob Chase
Major: Finance


Adam Klaus.jpg
Adam Klaus
Major: Finance 
Minor: Accounting

Who Should Apply?

The Michigan Finance Scholars program admits 12-16 undergraduate students (mostly juniors).  The program is rigorous and seeks to identify the most ambitious and driven students.


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