If you choose to major or minor in finance or law at CMU, you must first be admitted to the College of Business Administration. To do this, you must complete a specific number of business courses and maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5. As you explore career options, consider these key features that distinguish CMU's finance program:

  •     Computer simulation in financial management, banking, international finance and the futures market with job hunting efforts
  •     Hands-on experience with financial software and spreadsheet programs
  •     Professional enrichment, a speaker series, and visits to financial centers through the Finance Club

The Department of Finance and Law at Central Michigan University offers three majors and an interdisciplinary major with the Department of Economics:

Each major is designed to assure that graduates receive the most up to date training in preparation for the expanding, and yes, financially rewarding, job opportunities.

The Finance & Law Department also offers an MBA Concentration in Finance, a Finance Minor, and a Legal Studies Minor: