Four different majors are offered by the Management Department at CMU. Courses taken on a credit/ no credit basis are not accepted on management department majors. Majors in the department are available only to students admitted to College of Business Administration. Students cannot major both in Management and Human Resource Management.

The Management Department offers undergraduate programs on them following subjects, all of which lead to Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration degrees:

  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Purchasing & Supply Management

In addition to the above majors, two minors are offered: Management and International Business and Sustainable Development.

Program Requirements

To view the most accurate requirements of the degree you wish to pursue, please go to and select the year of the bulletin that applies to you, and "on campus" (unless you are taking distance learning classes, in which case you would select "off campus"). Then simply select the department and specific major and minor you are pursuing.

For additional information, or for a personal walkthrough of major and minor requirements and please contact:

Business Student Services
(989) 774-3124
Grawn Hall
150 E Bellows
1st Floor, Room 105

Send email inquiries to