‚Äč‚ÄčManagement at CMU
Management is decision making with respect to the allocation of an organization's resources toward the achievement of specific objectives. Although management as a field of study is most often associated with business administration, its subject matter can be applied in a broad range of settings from the management of one's own personal resources to those of social, governmental, educational, health care, and religious organizations.

 A program of study in management can be pursued through completion of one of the four majors or through a minor which can be individually designed to complement the student's interests. All programs emphasize development of analytical skills that assist in effective decision making and problem solving. A General Management major is available to those students who desire a broad base of knowledge and combines course work in each management discipline. The Human Resources Management major provides the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to create, develop, and maintain a productive workforce. The International Business major was developed in response to today's rapidly expanding global business community. A foreign language requirement and international experience are included in this program. The Purchasing and Supply Management major prepares students to identify global sources for supply, establish logistics and support systems, design vendor evaluation systems, and more.

The Management department also offers two minors: Management minor and International Business and Sustainable Development (IBSD) minor. Management minor is designed for those students who are majoring in other areas but wish to complement their majors with some basic understanding of Management Principles and Practices. International Business and Sustainable Development minor addresses the growing interest in the sustainable development movement and allows interested students to gain more knowledge and expertise in that area.
Why Study Management?
Management study is recommended for those individuals who desire the knowledge and skill to influence others and develop business processes which can positively influence organizational productivity. The principles of management can be effectively applied in a broad range of group, organizational, and societal settings. Students of management are trained to be decision makers, problem solvers, and leaders.