How do I get started?

To apply for admission to our programs, a student must first apply to Central Michigan University and then apply to the College of Business Administration.

When should I meet with the Academic Advisor?

All students in our programs are counseled by academic advisor, Dr. Jeffrey Hoyle. To discuss your class schedule, sign a major, minor, or make modifications to your signed major or minor, or cancel a major or minor, you will need to schedule an appointment to meet with him.

Before you begin choosing classes for the academic year, it is best to arrange an appointment with Dr. Hoyle to discuss your class schedule(s) and address any potential changes, conflicts, and concerns. His advising schedule is listed below. Get ahead of the rush - book your appointment early! 

How do I schedule an academic advising appointment?

MHSA office staff are ready to help you in the three ways listed below:

1. Visit the department office at Smith Hall 100 on weekdays, Monday through Friday, at 8AM-11:45AM / 1PM-4:45PM. 

2. Call the department office at 989-774-3701. If staff are unavailable, leave a clear and brief message that includes your first/last name and phone number. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. Please make sure your voice mailbox is able to receive new messages!

3. Email your contact information and message to Robin Berry, MHSA Executive Secretary, at

Dr. Jeffrey Hoyle's Academic Advising Schedule

Appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes. Until further notice, all appointments are conducted over the phone.

The last appointments of the morning and the afternoon are indicated in the second time column.

FALL semester - August 23 through December 17, 2021

Tuesday             10:00    -   11:45 AM

Thursday            10:00    -   11:45 AM

                              1:00     -    4:45 PM

**NOTE: Wellness Days may alter the appointment schedule slightly.**