HSA Minor

B.A.; B.A.A.; B.F.A.; B.S.; B.S. in B.A. degrees

The HSA minor is designed primarily for students who will work in a field closely allied with the hospitality services industry. Two such fields are commercial recreation and food service administration. This minor is not designed to prepare students for a career in hospitality services, but is designed to introduce the student to the field in a rigorous fashion. The student will also acquire an understanding of how hospitality services administration interacts with the student's major field of study. Students should not expect the HSA minor to make them competitive with students whose majors are in hospitality services administration for managerial positions in the hospitality services industry. There are no provisions made to allow a student minoring in HSA to take any courses in Gaming Entertainment Management that would be counted as meeting the minor course requirements.

Please note: Transfer students must have completed one semester at CMU prior to signing the minor.

Students should consult an advisor in order to obtain a degree schedule pertinant to the major they are pursuing. Students deviating from this schedule should be careful that prerequisites will be fulfilled in a timely manner.

To view the most accurate requirements of the degree you wish to pursue, please go to https://bulletins.cmich.edu and select the year of the bulletin that applies to you, and "on campus" (unless you are taking distance learning classes, in which case you would select "off campus"). Then simply select the department and specific major and minor you are pursuing.

For additional information, or for a personal walkthrough of major and minor requirements, please contact:

Business Student Services
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Department of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration
College of Business Administration
Central Michigan University
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Phone: (989) 774-3701
Email: Robin Berry at berry2rl@cmich.edu