An internship is a requirement for a Marketing major and a HSA major.

MKT 490 – Internship in Marketing, 3 credit hours
A full-time work experience occurring within a Marketing or Logistics organization.  Detailed written report and assigned readings required.  Prerequisites:  Permission of instructor and department chairperson; 56 semester hours completed; Marketing or Logistics major in addition to MKT 300 or MKT 304; admission to Professional Business Studies or listed on signed major or minor. Recommended: Completion of 6 credit hours in Marketing.

HSA 490 - Hospitality Internship, 3 credit hours
A full-time summer-designed work experience in hospitality operations agreed to by student and faculty coordinator. Detailed written report required. Prerequisites: 56 semester hours completed; HSA major or concentration; admission to Professional Business Studies or listed on signed major or minor.



  • To provide participating students with a meaningful experience that is complementary to and compatible with their areas of specialization and long-term career goals.
  • To enable students to apply their classroom learning to the workplace environment.
  • To enable students to associate with practicing professionals in the environment of profit or not-for-profit organizations.
  • Finding internships can be a daunting process so start early. Use the resources provided, including career services, student groups, and the Internship Directors. You are strongly advised to be proactive and find your own internship.
  • The intern student must have the internship opportunity preapproved by the appropriate Internship Director before accepting an internship. Failure to follow these instructions could result in an internship not being accepted by the MHSA Department as an approved internship; therefore, NO internship credit would be earned and graduation status would be affected.
  • Prior to accepting an internship opportunity that does not meet the requirements, the intern student must meet with the Internship Director for a discussion and possible approval.
  • Once you have accepted an internship with a company, immediately DISCONTINUE pursuing other internship opportunities.  This would include, but is not limited to, interviewing with other firms, applying to other firms, etc.  Accepting a position and then declining it for another opportunity is considered unethical and IS NOT condoned by the MHSA faculty. If it is discovered an intern student accepted a position and declined it for another, the intern student will not be enrolled in MKT 490 or HSA 490.
  • Once an internship has begun, the intern student is not permitted to change the internship organization without prior and written approval by the Internship Director.
  • The intern student must be enrolled in the MKT 490 or HSA 490 Internship course BEFORE starting work with the company.
  • MKT 490 and HSA 490 are classes with assignments, just like any other class.
  • The intern student may receive credit for one additional course while completing the internship requirement, but only with permission by the Internship Director. NOTE: 3 credit hours of MKT 490 or HSA 490 does not make you eligible for financial aid.
  • It is a requirement that each intern student is paid for the work performed. Exceptions are rare and require approval by the ID.
  • It is a requirement that each intern student complete 480 hours with the same company/organization in their internship program. A maximum of 40 hours per week can be counted toward this requirement.

 Please contact the appropriate Internship Director for more details:

    Marketing          Dr. Jeffrey Hoyle           SM 109   

    Logistics            Mr. Fred Lawrence        SM 110B 

    Hospitality        Mr. Nick Hussein           SM 100C

For Marketing internships, send an email to Dr. Jeffrey Hoyle with the following information BEFORE signing up for his office hours to inquire about enrolling in MKT 490:

1) A job description for the internship being considered with contact information for the organization.

2) Confirm you can work 480 hours for your internship with the organization.

3) Confirm it is a paid internship.

For Logistics internships, send an email to Mr. Fred Lawrence with a job description for the internship. He will contact you to make an appointment.

For Hospitality internships, send an email to Mr. Nick Hussein with a job description for the internship. He will contact you to make an appointment.