Student Organizations

Vital to becoming a professional is to be an active participant in activities with others in your field and we believe this is especially important while you are still in school. Our Marketing and Hospitality students are remarkably engaged in the following student organizations.

American Advertising Federation (Ad Club)

 AAF (Ad Club) members generally aspire to an advertising career and encourages participation in advertising problems and competition. AAF sponsors guest speakers and provides a variety of opportunities to help members prepare for an advertising career.

American Marketing Association

AMA is the largest and most prestigious of all the marketing organizations in the United States. The AMA chapter at CMU is the largest of the student organizations and the broadest in scope. Its members generally have a marketing career as their ultimate goal even though the specific career goals of each member may be very different. Its activities include field trips, service projects, and hosting guest speakers.

Hospitality and Tourism Association

HTA is designed to support those interested in the hospitality, tourism and recreational fields. This is achieved through involvement with guest speakers and industry tours. This organization is strongly recommended if your studies or interests are within hospitality and related industries.

Logistics Management Council Honor Society

LMCHS provides a vehicle for learning experiences in logistical management. Members gain an understanding of the logistics process through dialogue between students and professionals in theory and practice, as well as by participating in consulting projects for major corporations. Benefits of the organization include the council of Logistics Management National Annual Conference and local CLM roundtables, where students experience seminars, speeches and networking.

Pi Sigma Epsilon

PSE has over 50 chapters nationwide, and the CMU chapter has the historical distinction of being the first in the state of Michigan. PSE is the only national coeducational fraternity that specializes in the development of professional sales and sales management students. The organization supports students that are interested in the field of professional sales through national and regional sales competitions, sales focused professional mentoring and career fairs, guest speakers, and sales oriented service projects.

Supply Chain Management Association

SCMA provides an opportunity for learning experiences in supply chain management for all individuals affiliated with CMU. SCMA builds each student's abilities in this field along with providing volunteer service and leadership opportunities. The overall goal is to further develop a better understanding of supply chain management and all it entails.