Dr. Steven H. Dahlquist

Associate​ Professor, Marketing and Professional Sales

Smith 105 – 989.774.1869 – dahlq1s@cmich.edu


PhD, Michigan State University

MBA, Southern Methodist University

BS (Systems Engineering)​, United States Naval Academy


Steve Dahlquist is an Associate Professor in CMU's College of Business Administration and is a member of university's Honors Faculty. He teaches courses in Sales Management and Managerial Marketing (MBA), and has previously taught courses in International Marketing, New Product Development, Internet Marketing, Sports Marketing, Quantitative Business Research, and International Business. His research focuses on firm level marketing strategy, and includes inter-firm collaboration, governance, and sustainable marketing. He is published in a number of journals including Journal of Marketing and Industrial Marketing Management. Steve also possesses significant industry experience as a senior executive and manager in a number of multi-national firms and industries. Prior to his business career, Steve was a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy and served in maritime operations in the Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, and Persian Gulf.


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