Dr. Deborah M. Gray

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Professor, Marketing

Dr. Gray is an expert in marketing strategy and branding. She recently authored "Branding on the Green" as a guest contributor to "Selling on the Green: The Art of Building Trusted Relationships and Growing Your Business on the Golf Course." Dr. Gray teaches a Scotland-based study abroad course titled "Selling on the Green" (BIS342) beginning May 2018. Dr. Gray has been on the faculty of Central Michigan University for over 20 years.

Contact Information Smith Hall 108C – 989.774.7410 – deborah.gray@cmich.edu


PhD, University of London

M.B.A., Central Michigan University

B.S.B.A, Ferris State University

Scholarship: ​

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  • Initial submission and chapters peer reviewed.
  • Supplemental textbook designed to help students learn how Internet advertising    is evolving as an innovative new marketing tool.
  • The first textbook written about how to use the Internet as an advertising tool.

    "Book Review: The New Maxi-Marketing by Stan Rapp & Tom Collins," Mid-American Journal of Business, 14, no. 2 (Fall 1999): 43-48. (Refereed Book Review).​