A minor that helps you get the job you want AND be successful once you are hired

The Professional Sales minor will give all students, regardless of major, access to specialized training in a career area that features lucrative salaries and numerous job opportunities. In terms of salaries, more people earn over $100,000 annually in sales than in any other profession (Lill 2002). In terms of job opportunities, sales is the area where 10% of the U. S. labor force is employed (Jackson and Hisrich 1996).

Currently there are over 100 students that are taking Professional Sales as a minor.  These students come from majors that include Sports Studies, Broadcast and Cinematic Arts, Commercial Recreation, Spanish, Health Administration, Apparel Merchandising, Personal Financial Planning, Entrepreneurship, Law/Economics, Health Fitness, Hospitality and Communications.  All of these students have one thing in common-they realize the importance of key selling skills in their own careers, often times outside of business.   They learn skills that will help them throughout their careers and in their personal lives including presenting to individuals/teams, negotiation, listening, understanding personalities and cultures, and persuasion. 

Professional Sales Minor - Course Requirements

BUS 100 (3) Essential Business Skills OR
BIS 100 (3) Introduction to Business

BIS 101 (3) Essential Business Communications Skills OR
BIS 360 (3) Business Communications

MKT 300 (3) Introduction to Marketing OR
MKT 304 (3) Integrated Marketing Management

MKT 340 (3) Personal Selling
MKT 420 (3) Advanced Selling and Negotiating Skills
MKT 440 (3) Sales Management
MKT 460 (3) Organizational Selling