1. Use self assessment techniques to develop their ability to view situations from the buyer’s perspective.  
  2. Develop and apply strategies to overcome buyer objections.
  3. Differentiate the needs, values and motivations of buyers.
  4. Differentiate the four buyer types and apply strategies to sell to each.
  5. Develop and present effective sales presentations to individuals. 
  6. Develop and present effective sales presentations to small and large groups.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of equilibrium in sales negotiations.
  8. Neutralize different negotiating tactics in a sales negotiation.
  9. Use concessions effectively in a sales negotiation.
  10. Conduct leverage negotiations.
  11. Negotiate effectively while maintaining long term relationships with buyers.
  12. Apply foundation selling skills to sell to multi-layer organizations and entire supply chains.
  13. Demonstrate an understanding of how to sell through different layers of an organization.
  14. Produce effective formal written proposals (responses to RFP’s).
  15. Research companies using common secondary sources of information (such as Hoover’s and Standard and Poor’s).
  16. Develop an effective customer prioritization plan to allocate time according to the needs and profitability of customers.
  17. Demonstrate an understanding of how organizations can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to manage information on key accounts and be literate in at least one application of such software.