An MBA degree offers an applied core of courses forming a solid foundation in business functions plus a choice of emphasis to tailor the degree to your career goals. CMU’s MBA program is AACSB accredited.

Online MBA

The online MBA degree offers the same content and coursework as the traditional classroom based MBA. CMU’s Online MBA program is AACSB accredited.

The College of Business Administration’s Master of Science degree program in Information Systems (MSIS) is designed for individuals who do not have previous information systems- or computing-related degrees. The MSIS Program is both on campus and online. The program prepares students to enter various information systems positions in business, consulting, government or nonprofit organizations; to teach computer applications and information systems at community colleges, or to enter doctoral programs in information systems-related areas after graduation.

MA in Econ

The Department of Economics offers a Master of Arts degree. The program specializes in preparing students to enter PhD programs in Economics and typically around two-thirds of our students view the program as a springboard toward this end. 


Online MEV

CMU’s new online Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures(MEV) degree can be completed in one-year. It is designed for those seeking advanced, practical knowledge of the business, legal and tactical issues surrounding entrepreneurial transactions. These transactions include: forming new ventures; recruiting and motivating entrepreneurial teams; raising seed capital; identifying and protecting intellectual property; recognizing and forming strategic alliances; negotiating and structuring venture capital investments; managing a venture’s growth and risks; and harvesting economic gains.

MA in Economics Director:

Samuel Raisaen
Sloan 324
(989) 774-3908

MBA Director:

Aparna Lhila
Grawn 2256
(989) 774-3380

MBA Program Coordinator:

Pamela Stambersky
Grawn 276
(989) 774-3150

MBA Advisor: Martinez
Grawn 274
(989) 774-6450

MEV Advisor:

David Nows
Grawn 176
(989) 774-2624

MSIS Director:

Emil Boasson
Grawn 322
(989) 774-3588