Managers at all levels are facing an expanding list of challenges and problems. In both the private and public sectors, management has become more complex as resources diminish, and competition increases. A successful manager must possess a sound understanding of the entire organization and its interrelationships. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at CMU provides the essential skills to assist the manager in accomplishing this objective.

Why Choose CMU

CMU's MBA program is credited by AACSB, which is the gold standard for business accreditation internationally. The MBA program develops individuals both as leaders and team players in addition to fostering integrity, social responsibility, and a high degree of professionalism. Emphasis is placed on developing oral and written communication skills as well as the interpersonal, analytical, and integrative abilities necessary to function in dynamic organizations.

The program is designed to meet the needs of these groups of people:

  1. Individuals whose business careers have focused on specialized areas and who seek to develop a more general management perspective in anticipation of further advancement.

  2. Individuals with previous education and work experience in areas other than business who seek a general business education that will allow them to move into management positions.

  3.  Individuals with limited work experience who plan to use the MBA as a foundation from which to begin their careers.

CMU's MBA program has been in existence for more than 55 years with a strong tradition of excellence. The graduate business faculty are not only well educated but also have substantial business experience. To meet the needs of future managers, the MBA curriculum also receives a constant review in light of emerging business trends and issues.

Areas of emphasis are available in different business sectors. A culminating experience is required which highlights the application of concepts and knowledge from course work to actual business situations.

Course Format

MBA courses are 8-weeks long and are offered online, on-campus, and in a hybrid format. On-campus courses take place in the evening, once per week. This variety of formats and relatively short-term lengths allows scheduling flexibility and offers students the ability to maintain a work-school-life balance. A fulltime student can complete the program in 12-18 months.